We’re The Forensic Analysts Of Roofing

Mar 24, 2023

Parts Of Your Roof You Cant See Clemens East Central Indiana

CSI: Clemens Shingle Investigation – The Forensic Roofing Experts Of Muncie, IN

We Inspect Everything From Shingles To The Unseen Parts Of Your Roof To Reach The Truth

We attempted a little creativity with our title, we know. But everything we say is true. We will deeply inspect all parts of your East Central Indiana roof to know exactly what to replace to make it last for decades and beyond.

Because more often than not, it’s the parts of your roof you can’t see (that other roofers commonly fail to replace correctly) that can wreak havoc later down the line.

After inspection, we take care of these hidden areas with the best roofing system in the business – backed by CertainTeed’s SureStart™ PLUS, CertainTeed’s BEST warranty offered only by the most elite CertainTeed roofers in the nation.

And here’s the thing about this warranty – the entire roofing system must use materials from or approved by CertainTeed. Meaning your roof – from ridge cap to bathroom vent – is getting the best materials money can buy.

But even without CertainTeed’s supervision and elite status, we would still go above and beyond to give you the best roofing quality imaginable.

So if you’re still wondering how we fix the roofing “crime scene” your past roofer might have left behind – then keep reading.

Inspection #1: We Ensure Your Roof Can Breathe

A poorly ventilated East Central Indiana roof can lead to a variety of issues, including increased heat buildup in the attic, moisture buildup, and a high potential for structural damage. The result is increased energy costs due to higher heating and cooling bills, mold growth, and, worst of all, total structural failure.

Some roofers or other home renovation contractors can be so careless as to make the ventilation from the bathroom go directly into the attic and not outside where it belongs.

As such, when Clemens Home Solutions arrives on the scene to perform our deep investigation of your roof – this is one of the first areas we inspect.

If we see a ventilation issue, we place it as a top priority during your roof replacement.

Inspection #2: Water Protection As Good As A Levee

Sure, the final layer of a roof might look good with brand-new shingles. But if your waterproofing material under your outermost layer of shingles is of poor quality?

Look out.

Once moisture begins to make its presence known – be that from rain, sleet, ice, or snow – significant issues kick off with a bang.

A roof’s underlayment is dedicated to moisture protection as it prevents water from traveling to the decking (made of plywood) beneath. Proper underlayment is vital to ensure no moisture touches the inner workings of your roofing system.

But would you believe us if we said some roofers still use antiquated technology like tar paper or low-quality synthetic that do next to nothing to prevent moisture buildup?

During your roof inspection, we check for this, and if the underlayment is a problem, we add that to your list of much-needed items.

You see, our minimum synthetic underlayment is still top-quality because it’s from CertainTeed or is approved by them.

We also use an ice barrier and water shield around all penetrations of your roof. This additional layer further protects your roof from any moisture whatsoever.

To some roofers, these extra steps would be too much.

But for Clemens Home Solutions, going above and beyond is just what we do.

Especially when it comes to moisture prevention.

Inspection #3: The “Cricket.” (Not The Sport Or Insect)

Speaking of going above and beyond, another unseen area that often goes ignored is located behind your chimney.

It’s called your roof’s “cricket.” And, no, not the insect that puts you to sleep during summer nights or the English sport. We’re talking about the technical term for the area behind your chimney. It exists for the express purpose of helping water run off and down into your gutter system.

Many homes don’t actually have a cricket, or a past roofer never bothered to install one. So when East Central Indiana winter snow and ice accumulate, it gets underneath penetrations, separates your roof’s layers, and allow moisture in the chimney area.

So whenever we give our free quote after our deep inspection, we highly recommend homes that do not have crickets to have us add them.

The Ultimate Solution: One, Five, Ten And Fifteen Year Inspections

When it comes down to brass tacks, East Central Indiana roof replacement is only as successful as the roofer who does the job.

Are they committed to you after they leave your property? (Note: Some immediately disconnect their phones!)

How about a year after they leave your property?

Now, how about… five years after? And ten?

What about fifteen years later?

Any roofer still left standing?

Clemens is.

A decade and a half is a long time to commit to a roof replacement. But we’re that confident in the quality of materials we use – with your whole roofing system – these inspections are a drop in the bucket to us.

At each of those inspections (one, five, ten, and fifteen years), we’ll inspect our past work, take photos, and write a detailed log with timestamps about how your superb materials are holding up.

Now, how many other roofers will offer you that?

If you need a new roof in East Central Indiana from a values-driven roofer who inspects with detail and uses the BEST materials, contact Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote today.

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