Unbeatable Guarantees – Hand Delivered

Jan 09, 2022

Image of the Clemens Guarantee in placard form

We’re So Proud Of The Guarantee We Offer Muncie
Homeowners, We Deliver Each One By Hand

We Even Bring A Little Gift!

Every Muncie area homeowner who partners with us to complete their project receives the unequalled protection of our Clemens Guarantee. Simply stated, if we fail in any way that affects the work we did on your home within 15 years, we will make it right.

Free of charge – Even if it’s a manufacturing defect.

We figure it’s not your job to fight for what’s right, so we just replace the material and take it up with the manufacturer after your issue is resolved.

No hassle. No loopholes.

Oh, and if it’s something we can’t remedy, we’ll refund every penny you spent on the project.

And we’re so proud of that promise that we hand-deliver a copy to every last customer.

In the world of exterior home solutions, that level of coverage is considered, well, nuts.

Industry Standard Workmanship Guarantees

Most home solutions companies in the Muncie area will shout out the large print of their own guarantees, then whisper the fine print (if they speak of it at all).

The bottom of the barrel, of course, is what we call the Tail Light Warranty. That’s the warranty where folks will fix anything they messed up, right up until you can no longer see their tail lights as they race away

After that is a mixed bag of pretty words at the top and a whole lot of tiny print that renders those pretty words meaningless, or nearly so, within just a few years.

Consider the Lifetime Warranties that depreciate every year until by the tenth year they cover almost nothing at all.

Others will have caveats galore, almost impossible to comply with, kinda like the no-stains clause in the “Lifetime Warranty” of most mattresses.

So, home contractors will eagerly point out the large print of their warranty then quickly turn the page before you start reading the words that truly matter.

To them, warranties aren’t promises; they’re sales tools. And dishonest ones at that.

They are meant to be flashed in your face quickly and hidden thereafter.

Why We Threw The Standards Out

Those industry standards fail to reflect our faith in our installers, their training, and our detail-obsessed methods

We know that we do excellent work.

We know that our manufacturers share our high standards.

And we know that our customers deserve the very best.

So we decided to let our competitors reduce their financial risk by offering almost meaningless guarantees.

We, instead, chose to eliminate our risk through superior products and near-fanatical precision in our installations.


Happy you.

Happy us.

A solution that also happens to comply with our core values of pride, integrity, and excellence.

Hand Delivery And A Touch More

Once your project is complete and all signs of our being at your home erased (aside from the beautiful new look!), there is one final step for us to complete.

At an agreed upon time, our representative will arrive with your warranty package and a small gift.

While delivering your warranty in such a manner is our way to remind you that our motto of “People First – Excellence Always” is more than clever marketing, it serves a secondary purpose.

It affords us one last chance to look for flaws in our work and, if found, get them fixed immediately.

Checking, rechecking, and checking again is an important part of our process and is a big reason we feel safe in offering the Clemens Guarantee. It’s also why, to this day, we’ve not once had to issue a project refund.

Excellence always, indeed.

If you have a project in mind for your Muncie, Indiana area home and want a contractor that will always have your back, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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