Price Integrity – Why It’s So Important To Muncie Area Homeowners

Feb 18, 2022

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Price Integrity – Why It’s So Important To Muncie Area Homeowners

And Why It’s So Rare

When you go shopping in Muncie area stores, and you see an item you want, the first thing you usually do is check the price. You then compare the cost of the item with the value it brings to your life and, last, decide to either buy it or leave it on the shelf.

But what if, when you get to the register, the cashier tells you that in order to make your purchase, you need to add something else to your cart? How would you feel?

Exactly, you’d feel abused and refuse to make the purchase.

And yet, every day, there are Muncie homeowners who accept changes to their project proposal that increases the cost of their renovations by thousands of dollars with barely a struggle. They might be unhappy, but they do it anyway.

This is an example of hostage pricing, and it goes on all the time all across the nation.

It’s A Trap!

The process is as simple as it is corrupt.

The contractor you hired (because of their low quote) will be partly through the job when they “discover” a problem.

They’ll then sit you down and explain what they found, why it’s a problem, and how much extra it will cost to fix.

And you, with your house partly dismantled, have no choice but to agree with the new price no matter how you feel about the situation.

Now, we’re not implying that these contractors are making up the new problem – most likely, the issue is quite real.

We are saying that their representative ignored the potential problem to keep the bid low, knowing they can always add the cost to the total later on.

In short, it’s simply not in their interest to give you an honest (thus higher) estimate when they know another company will outbid them if they do.

Besides, they know you’ll agree to just about anything once they’ve begun work just to get it over with. You are, in essence, held hostage to a situation only the contractor saw coming.

Their prices always lack integrity, and not only do they not care – it’s part of their process.

But that’s not how our process works.

How It Should Be

Honest home renovation contractors engage in price integrity as a matter of course. That means they fully inspect the area to be worked on and verify that it is, indeed, the root of your problems.

If it isn’t, they dig deeper to find the source then write you a proposal that will achieve your goals for the project. They understand that their bid will be higher than others you’ll receive but refuse to trick you into thinking the renovation will take less work than is necessary.

How We Handle Quotes

We take things a step further and guarantee our quotes in writing. What we say you’ll need to spend is what you’ll pay at the end, no matter what we find.

How can we do this?

First, our consultations are extremely thorough. We ask questions about your goals for the project and any problems you are trying to solve. Then we spend a lot of time inspecting your home to ensure the answers we discussed are the answers your home needs.

Plus, we train our reps to create proposals using a worst-case scenario mindset. If they see a potential for difficulties once we start taking off the old material, they put those potential costs into our quote.

What you’ll get is a quote that says it should be “this much,” but it could be as much as “this” if we run into problems. Now, if those problems run into another product, say we find roof rot while replacing your gutters, that becomes a new product and a new project.

But if we run into something we failed to predict, well, that’s our problem – not yours. Simply put, we will eat the cost and do the job right. Just as we promise to do in our workmanship guarantee. Maybe our rep is looking at some retraining, but our mistake should not turn into your bad day.

If you have a Muncie area home that needs exterior work and you don’t want any nasty surprises, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free estimate.

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