4 Reasons To Choose Casement Windows For Your Home

Feb 07, 2022

casement windows mockup from clemens home solutions

4 Reasons To Choose Casement Windows For Your Home

When it comes to modern popular window styles, casement windows are a fan favorite. Casement-style windows have an obstructed sash affixed to the wall on hinges and, unlike our beloved double-hung windows, can be opened with a simple hand crank. 

The weather in Indiana can be unpredictable. Our storm-ready, fusion-welded frames are specifically designed with harsh weather at the forefront of the blueprint. 

Casement windows can be the staple of a living room or the saving grace in the kitchen on a hot summer day. Let’s talk about some of the best reasons to choose casement windows for your home!


Although an easy opening experience is one of the most convenient qualities of casement windows, they are surprisingly insulated with an air-tight seal in cold weather. When open, casement windows provide exceptional ventilation; when closed, warmth and protection. 

Both warm and cold climate homeowners showcase casement windows in a wide range of settings, a classy look that won’t go out of style. Stationary screens on the inside of the window prevent unwanted guests from flying or climbing into your living space. 

Saving Money 

Keeping a comfortable home temperature can be a full-time job, changing responsibilities throughout the seasons. In the colder months, it’s imperative to maintain warmer temperatures within the home, but it can be expensive, and the same goes for running your heating source during the colder months. 

Casement windows are installed to completely close off the inner home from outside airflow from making its way inside. This keeps your cold or warm air in and the opposite temperature out. Nothing is worse than paying an arm and a leg for maintaining comfortable temperature conditions in your home while your windows leak all of your hard work, a problem we take very seriously here at Clemens Home Solutions. 


Casement windows have a certain characteristic about them that makes them so revered among contractors, versatility. No matter which room or area of the house needs increased airflow and light, casement windows fit the bill. 

Casement windows offer a simplistic yet aesthetically appealing appearance that can be utilized all over the home, including:

  • Kitchen: Instead of turning on the stove fan, open a window! 
  • Living Room: Let the room breathe a little!
  • Bathroom: Quickly open and close casement windows to let fresh air in and shower steam out.
  • Bedroom: Nothing is better than feeling a warm breeze on a sunny summer morning 

Easier To Clean Than Standard Windows

Home renovators, such as ourselves and our customers, often choose casement windows for hard-to-reach areas or areas that are susceptible to becoming dirty.


The answer is simple! Casement windows are substantially easier to clean when compared to other styles of windows because they swing open as a whole instead of sliding upwards over the pane above. 

Because casement windows do not have a gridlike pattern of muntins and instead showcase a simple sash, they can easily be wiped down in one fell swoop instead of having to work diligently between all the nooks and crannies of double-hung windows. 

Does The Window Material Itself Play A Role? 

It most certainly does! At Clemens Home Solutions, we try to make things easier for our customers by solely recommending the use of vinyl windows for the home. Wooden windows require a lot more maintenance, especially in old age. Aluminum windows are relative in price to wooden windows but are known for their poor insulation and energy efficiency. 

Fiberglass windows are typically much more expensive than other types of windows and require regular maintenance such as repainting. Make it easy on yourself and choose the right windows at the start! Vinyl windows require the least amount of upkeep with exceptional energy efficiency ratings. Plus, vinyl casement windows have a look that will never go out of style. 

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