We Review Our Core Values EVERY Month

Oct 26, 2021

We Review Our Core Values EVERY Month

To Practice What You Preach, You Need To Consistently Fortify Your Beliefs.

If you’ve spent even a little time on our website, you’ve probably come across our core values of PRIDE. These are the principles we follow on every single job for every single customer. Absolutely no exceptions.

We take these core values SERIOUSLY. So much so that we hold monthly meetings to review them. At each meeting, we focus on one core value and discuss…

  • What it is
  • How it relates to our company
  • What we’ve done recently that demonstrates the core value
  • Ways we can improve our company by observing the core value

In this article, we share with you A) what each core value means to us and B) a specific way it manifests itself in our company. By doing so, we hope to provide you with a better understanding of why we care so much about your project, your home… and YOU.

Core Value #1: Pride

Pride is taking complete accountability for your actions. It doesn’t matter if no one’s looking. It doesn’t matter if anyone will ever notice. We are 100% responsible for everything we do. 

An Example Of PRIDE In Action:

Not long ago, one of our crews was installing siding on a customer’s home in Muncie, IN. One of the installers completed a side of the house… but noticed some of the corner pieces weren’t perfectly straight. They weren’t off by a lot—just enough for a trained eye to see.

Would the homeowner have ever noticed? Probably not. Like we said, it was a pretty small error 99% of the population wouldn’t see.

But to our installer, that didn’t matter; he noticed it. So he took down the ENTIRE wall of siding and started over. 

It took a few extra hours. It cost us a few hundred dollars. But it’s something we’d do 100 times out of 100. Because at Clemens, we take total Pride in the work we do for you.

Core Value #2: Relationship

Relationship means forging strong connections with others—whether it’s customers, vendors, or team members. The stronger the bond, the better YOUR results. 

An Example Of RELATIONSHIP In Action:

Sometimes the small things can make the biggest impact on a relationship. About a week after we complete a job, we send a gift box to the customer that includes tea, soap, a gift card, and more. It’s our small token of thanks for the customer trusting us with their home.

The gift is a microcosm of how we build genuine relationships with customers. The truth is that we are always here when our customers need us. It’s why many of our customers have hired us 4, 5, and even 6+ times for different projects.

Bottom line: When you choose Clemens Home Solutions, we’re your “forever” remodeler.

Core Value #3: Integrity

Integrity is all about honesty, following through on promises, and upholding our principles at all times. 

An Example Of INTEGRITY In Action:

A homeowner once hired us to build a new patio enclosure before his son’s open house. One reason he chose us is that we promised we could complete the job before the party.

Fast-forward to installation day. As we’re putting up the first wall, we notice it’s six inches too short. We inspect the other walls and—yep!—all too short.

We double-checked the order form and discovered our consultant wrote the wrong measurements.


We had to order a completely new patio enclosure. The problem? Enclosures take six weeks to arrive… and the customer’s party was in THREE weeks.

But we made a PROMISE. And we intended to keep it.

Engage turbo mode: We paid for rush delivery OUT OF OUR POCKET, then burned serious midnight oil… and had everything done with five days to spare.

Crisis averted. Party saved. The customer was thrilled!

Core Value #4: Diligence

Pride Montage Clemens Home SolutionsDiligence is our ironclad commitment to you that we’ll give 100% effort each and every day. Working hard, earnestly, and with impeccable attention to detail is our calling card.

An Example Of DILIGENCE In Action:

  1. We install special ice and water barriers on ALL roof replacement projects. No exceptions. It’s not required by local building codes. But let’s face it—Indiana gets some pretty nasty weather. Without proper protection from ice and water, your new roof WILL experience devastating moisture damage. 
  2. When installing new gutters, we utilize cutting-edge hangers. These hangers are double-reinforced, corrosion-resistant, and contain special channels to divert water away from your fascia board. The hanger we use is a small detail that makes a HUGE difference in the performance and longevity of your gutter system.

Core Value #5: Excellence

Excellence means we WILL perform our job to the highest possible caliber. But it’s also the understanding that there is always room to improve and grow.

An Example Of EXCELLENCE In Action:

Once a year, we shut down for a week to hold comprehensive company-wide training.

Every Clemens employee undergoes position-specific training to improve their abilities.

  • Installers master the latest techniques in our hands-on practice facility.
  • Project Consultants attend customer-service seminars.
  • Office Administrators hone call procedures and courtesy standards.

When we open again, we’re head-to-toe prepared to provide you with the best home improvement experience you’ve ever had.

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