Premium Entry & Patio Doors For Muncie & Surrounding Areas

Our Doors Are Made Right Here In Indiana… FOR Indiana.


Clemens could be installing premium entry doors and patio doors from any number of reputable brands headquartered across the globe. But we choose ONLY Home Guard Industries, a top-notch company that handcrafts its world-class doors… right here in Indiana.


They manufacture second-to-none doors with exquisite beauty and engineered features not found in any other brand. From unique proprietary glass and 31 door families to choose from, to automotive-quality paint and artisan finishes, you won’t be disappointed.


Gorgeous, Durable Fiberglass Entry Doors

Clemens installs locally manufactured fiberglass entry doors that dress your home’s entryways with an exquisite balance of light, sophistication, safety, and privacy.

  • Enjoy deeply detailed embossments and the look of stunning natural wood, without any of the maintenance and headaches of real wood.
  • Can be hand-painted in seventeen different Decorator colors or hand-stained in your choice of seven Ironwood stains. This ensures a balanced, polished coat.
  • Exterior rails are used to shut out moisture. Then HydroshieldTM technology ensures NO warping, twisting, rotting, or splitting.
  • Duraframe Jambs are the standard wood frames on the doors we install, constructed with Alaskan Cypress to repel water and prevent wicking and rotting.

Turn first impressions into lasting impressions with classic designs, radiant hues, immaculate details, and truly expert fiberglass door craftsmanship.


Timeless, Efficient Steel Entry Doors

Professionally designed, manufactured, and installed steel entry doors offer unmatched strength and durability.

  • Completely maintenance and worry-free, the frame on your steel doors is guaranteed not to warp, rot, mold, or wick water — can be stained for a perfect match.
  • Your steel entry door will have special magnetic weatherstripping for an extra-tight seal.
  • All doors feature steel-edge construction. They’re fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam and offer a superior R-factor of 15.1 for ultimate energy conservation.
  • Our steel doors are wood-free and will not swell, split, twist, warp or rot like other steel doors with wood rails and lock block.

The steel entry doors we install are built using an all-steel construction 22-gauge door, which is 33% heavier than competing doors. They’re the perfect balance of brawn and beauty for your entryway.


Premium Sliding Patio Doors

Our premium sliding patio doors are available in both standard and custom sizes.

Why are our patio doors the most cost-effective choice?

Because efficiency (and smooth operation) is built into each component to make a huge difference in your energy bills! Every step of the manufacturing process meticulously focuses on insulating properties, so every day you come home to savings, comfort, and peace of mind year after year.

Special Note: All of the patio doors carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which assures you that Good Housekeeping will replace or refund a defective patio door within two years of purchase if it fails to perform.

  • Premium Patio Door Blinds: For conveniently getting the privacy or partial light you want, our doors can come with a high-quality internal mini-blind option as the perfect solution.
  • Premium Patio Door Screens: Smooth and quiet, these patio doors slide open and close without a peep. This is thanks to a patented dual-tandem nylon wheel, a raised rail to protect from dirt and debris, and perfectly straight and adjusted parts to minimize friction.
  • Increased Protection: Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock, making removal from the outside almost impossible. Meanwhile, the lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.
  • Foot-Lock Added Security: Add the optional foot-lock for increased security, ease of operation, and peace of mind.

Because glass will make up over 80% of your sliding patio door, Clemens partnered with a door manufacturer that uses the industry’s BEST glass. Conservision Glass features the lowest seal failures with outstanding energy efficiency measurements across the board:

  • Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) outperforms single, double, and conventional Low-E patio doors with argon gas. Your patio door will stop 95% of incoming UV rays with ordinary double-pane stopping only 58%.
  • 5% failure rate, which is why you get a LIFETIME Seal Failure Warranty.
  • Outperforms ordinary Low-E glass by a whopping 25% for better efficiency.

Bottom Line: you get a premium sliding glass patio door with seals that last without condensation or drafts, so you have lower cooling costs in summer and lower heating bills in winter. Not to mention less fading to carpets and your furniture.


More Info About Our Entry & Patio Doors

Unparalleled Style

Our doors come in all the colors, glass styles, stains, and hardware options you’d expect in a superior-quality entry door locally built Indiana-tough.

Honestly, with such a wide assortment to choose from, a good percentage of the homeowners we work with are happy to accept patient guidance from one of our consultants.

Incredibly High Performance

A core benefit of working with local door makers is their attention to detail. They approach each door individually, not through a mechanized assembly line.

Just look at these long-lasting, “down to the finest detail” features: ball-bearing and patented adjustable hinge plate systems, composite lock block, HydroShield™ & Timberframe® tech, magnificent glass accents, intense decorative designs, and more.

Local Hand-Stained Finishes

Machines cannot match seasoned human workmanship and artisanship. Rather than spray-on coats, our manufacturer creates sophisticated results through finishing and coloring steps done by hand. This equalizes the coat and ensures balance, with no risk of assembly-line defects.

Mass-produced doors don’t stand a chance when compared side by side. Through Clemens, your entry door will have astounding character, specialized glass, and textured hardware for unique beauty.

ErererereSuperior Energy Efficiency

Clemens only installs entry doors that are ENERGY STAR approved and meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. However, there are certain door styles you can have installed that do not qualify due to very elaborate glass options. Otherwise, you’ll find your new entry door insulates better than many walls in your home with an R-rating of 15.1.

In layman’s terms, your door through Clemens will be the best in the industry at keeping the inside in and the outside out.

Premium U.S. Materials

Choose from gorgeous, durable steel or fiberglass entry door systems and top-of-the-line patio door systems made of the finest materials. This is at the center of why our manufacturer offers you unbeatable coverage — their entry doors are designed from the ground up for high-performance longevity.

Each of the versatile door lines we can install is built to be the last entry door your home will ever need.

Combine Unbeatable Manufacturer Coverage…

Our manufacturer offers unbeatable coverage on all their entry doors. In a nutshell, you’re covered for Lifetime & Beyond, so you need not worry about warping, delamination, or any twisting of your door slab.

The Clemens Guarantee

Our entry door and patio door installations come with the Clemens Guarantee [Clemens Guarantee]. We will repair, FREE of charge, any defect due to our workmanship. And if we can’t fix the issue, we’ll refund you 100% of your money.

We’ll Guide You Through The Process

Clemens understands how daunting it can feel as you begin trying to decide which specific door perfectly suits your home, your personal style preferences, and your budget. This is why we’ve streamlined and simplified our process.

Yes, we want you to have tons of options so you get EXACTLY the right entry or patio door. However, we’re also here to ensure you have a smooth and pleasant experience. If you’re having a tough time deciding, our product experts will be of great help.

Need Financing? We Have Options As Low As $2 A DAY!

Want premium entry doors or patio doors without worrying about the cost? With qualifying credit, you can take advantage of our special $2-a-day financing. High-end exterior remodeling has never been so affordable.

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We hold ourselves 100% accountable for your experience and results.


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Honesty is the ONLY policy. We do what we say and follow through.


Working hard, earnestly, and with impeccable attention to detail is our calling card.


We WILL perform our job to the highest possible caliber. That’s a promise.

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