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Entry door replacement in Muncie, Indiana

Whether your East Central Indiana entry door is starting to show its age or your patio door needs an upgrade, Clemens Home Solutions has the perfect entry door replacement for you.

Our premium selection of top-quality entry and patio doors combines beauty and durability to bring you ultimate value.

And though we could install premium entry doors and patio doors from any number of reputable brands from across the globe, we choose to ONLY install Home Guard Industries – a top-notch company that handcrafts its world-class doors… right here in Indiana.


They manufacture second-to-none doors with exquisite beauty and engineered features not found in any other brand. From unique proprietary glass and 31 door families to automotive-quality paint and artisan finishes, you won’t be disappointed.

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Entry And Patio Door Options Tailored For You

Every East Central Indiana home has its own intricacies and deserves individual attention. So Clemens offers various exterior residential entry and patio door products explicitly tailored to your needs.

Gorgeous, Durable Fiberglass Entry Doors

At Clemens, we install locally manufactured fiberglass front entry doors that dress your home’s entryways with an exquisite balance of light, sophistication, safety, and privacy. Our fiberglass entry doors make it easy to enjoy the look of stunning natural wood without any of the maintenance and headaches of real wood.

Plus, our fiberglass entry doors can be hand-painted in seventeen different decorator colors or hand-stained in your choice of seven ironwood stains to ensure a balanced, polished coat.

Our fiberglass doors are also equipped with HydroshieldTM technology to ensure NO warping, twisting, rotting, or splitting. And their exterior rails shut out moisture for long-lasting durability.

We also use Duraframe Jambs as our standard door wood frame, constructed with Alaskan Cypress, to repel water and prevent wicking and rotting. So not only will you experience incredible beauty, but you’ll get truly expert fiberglass door craftsmanship to enjoy for years to come.

Timeless, Efficient Steel Entry Doors

Our professionally designed, manufactured, and installed steel entry doors offer unmatched strength and durability.

How can we be so sure?

All our steel front doors feature steel-edge construction, are wood-free, and will not swell, split, twist, warp, or rot like other steel doors with wood rails and lock blocks. Plus, they’re fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam and offer a superior R-factor of 15.1 for ultimate energy conservation.

Our steel entry doors are built using an all-steel construction 22-gauge door, which is 33% heavier than competing doors. And they’re entirely maintenance and worry-free and can be stained for a perfect match, making them the ideal balance of brawn and beauty for your entryway.

Premium Sliding Patio Doors

Why are our patio sliding doors (available in standard AND custom sizes) the most cost-effective choice?

Because efficiency (and smooth operation) are built into each component, which makes a massive difference in your energy bills! Every step of the manufacturing process meticulously focuses on insulating properties, so every day, you come home to savings, comfort, and peace of mind year after year.

Here are some of the convenient and energy-saving features our patio doors deliver:

Premium Patio Door Blinds

For conveniently getting the privacy or partial light you want, we offer a high-quality internal mini-blind option as the perfect solution.

Premium Patio Door Screens

Smooth and quiet, these patio doors slide open and close without a peep due to their patented dual-tandem nylon wheel – a raised rail to protect against dirt and debris while perfectly straightening and adjusting parts to minimize friction.

Increased Protection

Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock, making removal from the outside almost impossible. Meanwhile, the lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.

Foot-Lock Added Security

Add the optional foot-lock for increased security, ease of operation, and peace of mind.

Plus, all our patio doors carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which assures you that Good Housekeeping will replace or refund a defective patio door within two years of purchase if it fails to perform.

And because glass will make up over 80% of your sliding patio door, we only use the industry’s BEST glass. Conservation Glass features the lowest seal failures with outstanding energy efficiency measurements across the board:

  • Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) outperforms single, double, and conventional low-e patio doors with argon gas. Your patio door will stop 95% of incoming UV rays, with ordinary double-pane stopping only 58%.
  • 5% failure rate, which is why you get a LIFETIME Seal Failure Warranty.
  • Outperforms ordinary low-e glass by a whopping 25% for better efficiency.

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Perfect Exterior Door For You

Front Door Sidelight Options

Steel Vs. Fiberglass Doors

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Our Entry & Patio Doors Go Above & Beyond

Unparalleled Style

Our doors come in all the colors, glass styles, stains, and hardware options you’d expect in a superior-quality entry door locally built Indiana-tough.

Incredibly High Performance

A core benefit of working with local door makers is their attention to detail. They approach each door individually, not through a mechanized assembly line.

Our doors’ long-lasting, “down to the finest detail” features include ball-bearing and patented adjustable hinge plate systems, composite lock block, HydroShield™ & Timberframe® tech, magnificent glass accents, intense decorative designs, and more.

Local Hand-Stained Finishes

Rather than spray-on coats, our manufacturer creates sophisticated results through finishing and coloring steps done by hand. This equalizes the coat and ensures balance without risk of assembly-line defects.

Basically, our entry doors have unparalleled character, specialized glass, and textured hardware for unique beauty. Mass-produced doors don’t stand a chance when compared side by side.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Clemens only installs entry doors that are ENERGY STAR approved and meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. Your new entry door insulates better than many walls in your home, with an R-rating of 15.1.

In layman’s terms, your new door will be the best in the industry at keeping the inside in and the outside out.

Premium US Materials

Since our manufacturer only uses the finest materials to build your door from the ground up, we can deliver versatile door lines designed to be the last entry or patio door your home will ever need.

Unbeatable Manufacturer Coverage

Our manufacturer offers unbeatable coverage on all their entry doors. In a nutshell, you’re covered for lifetime and beyond, so you need not worry about warping, delamination, or any twisting of your door slab.

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Why Choose Clemens For Your Entry & Patio Doors?

Family-Run And Operated For Over 25 Years

  • The Clemens Guarantee: If a problem occurs because of our installation, we’ll come back and fix it ASAP. No prorating. No trip charges. No finger-pointing. And if we can’t fix the issue for some reason, we will refund your entire purchase. EVERY. SINGLE. CENT.
  • Stress-Free Process: Our efficient and effective five-step process ensures a no-stress, hassle-free door replacement. From your initial consultation to our follow-up call, Clemens gives you a smooth experience.
  • Core Values To Be Proud Of: We’re guided by five strong values that shape our entire company: pride, relationship, integrity, diligence, and excellence. And what does that spell? P.R.I.D.E.
  • Local And Family-Run Since 1998: It’s never “business as usual” at Clemens – your project and experience are personal to us. Because we’re a family-run company, we treat you like family.

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Entry & Patio Door Services FAQs

Q: What’s The Difference Between Steel And Fiberglass Doors?

A: Our steel doors are tough, durable, and built to last forever when maintained properly. They take paint easily, are easily repaired, and DO NOT warp.

Our fiberglass doors are reliable and can accommodate almost any home style. They won’t rust, are impervious to weather, need near-zero maintenance, and do not warp, peel, or chip.

Q: What Does An Entry Door Or Patio Door Replacement Cost?

A: We probably won’t be the cheapest. That said, we won’t charge you a penny more than what it takes to replace your door RIGHT.

Between the two, fiberglass front doors require a more significant investment than steel doors. But our steel doors are of exceptional quality and come close to our fiberglass doors in cost.

We are a company built on the core values of honesty and integrity, so our prices align with what it takes to provide you with premium entry and patio door results. Period.

Q: Who Will Be Building My Door?

A: Every door we sell is made by the same manufacturer right here in Indiana. Using a local manufacturer ensures that our doors are of the highest quality and that any problems are resolved quickly.

It also means that many aspects of the finish that are handled by machines for most national manufacturers are instead done by hand for a more authentic look.

Q: What Kind Of Warranty Do You Offer?

A: Our manufacturer offers unbeatable lifetime and beyond coverage on all their entry doors. You’ll be covered against warping, delamination, or any twisting of your door slab. Plus, our Clemens Guarantee ensures we’ll fix ANY installation issue for free!

Q: Are Your Door Replacement Estimates Free?

A: Yes. And the price we quote you is locked in for a full year. Contact us today to schedule your estimate, or stop by our showroom to speak to a Clemens representative. We would be honored to discuss your project with you.

Q: What Areas Of East Central Indiana Do You Service?

We service many cities in Delaware and Madison counties, such as Albany, Daleville, Gaston, Anderson, and Pendleton. We also service surrounding counties, like Middletown, New Castle, Noblesville, Parker City, Zionsville, and Hartford City.

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Local Reviews For Clemens Home Solutions

“They installed a replacement sliding glass door. All Clemens personnel were outstanding in their service, from the salespeople to the office staff, other customer service, measurements, and installation. I’ve never had clearer and more regular communication from any company. Jeff and Canaan did an excellent job with the installation. They cleaned up afterward so well that you couldn’t tell they had been here. Highly recommended. Five stars!”

-Kim M.

“We contacted Clemens and a couple of other local businesses for a quote for a patio door replacement. Clemens was quick to come out and get us our quote, whereas the others wanted a couple of weeks before they could schedule a quote. We ordered our door, and it came in quicker than anticipated. When Jeff and Canaan came out to put the door in, they were on time, courteous, and knowledgeable. The door looks great, and I’m very satisfied with their services.”

-Ginger H.

“Hired them for gutters and doors. Thad and Greg did my doors. They look great, and they did wonderful with replacing and wrapping the rotten frame. Josh, our salesman, was very fast, took his measurements, and gave me a price. He didn’t waste my time with high-pressure sales techniques or gimmicks, and I appreciate that. Would definitely recommend them!”

-Issac J.

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