How Respecting Our Employees Pays Off For You

Sep 26, 2023

Home Remodeling - Employee Respect - Muncie, IN

Our Workers Respect You Because
We Respect Our Workers

When We Treat Our Employees With Dignity, It
Shows In Quality Home Remodeling Results

Imagine a world where employees are happy to wake up, drive to work, and start another day doing what they love with caring employers invested in their overall success. Our employees don’t need to imagine – they’re living the reality.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we care deeply about those we bring on board, treat them respectfully, and value their contribution to the company.

How unique is that?

And though we believe in supporting and respecting all of our fellow human beings, we reserve most of our energy for our determined, talented employees. Not only does respect encourage our employees to work hard, but their extra care shows in the exceptional results of their craft.

We Expertly Train Our Employees, So You Get
Expert Home Remodeling Results

After seeing lackluster home remodeling results from other Central Indiana contractors, we’ve come to an unfortunate conclusion – DIY “training” does not make a professional contractor.

So, at Clemens Home Solutions, we put effort into properly training our employees annually AND weekly. Plus, we ensure everyone is up to date on their certifications, including manufacturer certifications and those related to their specific area of expertise.

And our crew leaders don’t get off scot-free either…because we train the trainers, too. When we train our crew leaders on the latest installation techniques and newest product offerings, they can pass that knowledge on to their team members for incredible remodeling results.

We Listen To Our Employees So They Listen To You

We’ve heard from many new hires how their past employer disregarded their perspective, talked over them, or told them their opinion didn’t matter. Do you know what this type of employer disrespect leads to?

Employees that disregard your perspective, talk over you, and tell you your opinion doesn’t matter.

So, we always listen to our team members. After all, we all have a lot to learn from each other. And our quarterly meetings are the perfect place for our employees to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and challenge our opinions.

It’s also a place for our team members to be celebrated, heard, and validated – all actions that lead to better customer interactions.

It breaks down to this: clear communication within our company leads to clear communication with our customers.

We Encourage Worker Personal Development So
Our Workers Personalize Your Project

It’s rare to find an employer in any field with an honest investment in their employees’ personal well-being, especially in the home remodeling industry. But, we think exceptional home remodeling results require the care and expertise of well-rounded workers…in all areas of their lives.

So, we conduct weekly personal development meetings for our employees, encouraging professional, personal, and spiritual growth.

During these meetings, we discuss everything from personal financial stability to the importance of voting as active members of a democracy.

At Clemens Home Solutions, Your Satisfaction Directly
Correlates With Our Employee Satisfaction

Call us dreamers, but we believe in mutual employer/employee respect. And we’re working towards that goal one employee at a time at our home remodeling company.

But why do we care so much?

Not only does employee respect lead to customer respect, but it also leads to happy and fulfilled employees who are proud of their work. And when our employees are proud of their results, you can bet you will be too!

So, when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana company that values their employees as much as their customers, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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