Crafting A Family Legacy One Generation At A Time

Jul 25, 2023

We’re Creating A Home Remodel Legacy | Clemens

We’re Local. We’re Family-Driven. And We
Plan To Keep Our Legacy Thriving.

But Not For Our Sake, But Rather For
Your Unwavering Satisfaction.

Exterior remodeling services can be a tricky industry to navigate. You might see dozens, if not hundreds, of mailers and promotional magazines. You hear radio ads daily and see trucks with business numbers plastered on the side. You even get cold calls and emails while going about your day-to-day life.

This all makes selecting an East Central Indiana exterior contractor difficult and just plain frustrating.

Sure, there might be a seemingly unlimited selection of contractors for hire. But once you sift out the less-than-honest contractors from the contractors with integrity, the choices start to get real thin, real fast.

How can you actually know if a contractor is one of the good guys? Well, there’s one often overlooked tell-tale sign that will let you know…


We know that might sound a little cliché, but it can be critical to determine who’s legit and who’s less-than-honest in the home remodeling industry.

Who would you rather trust: the contractor who started out a year ago as a one-man show, or the contractor with decades of experience driven by family care, attention to detail, and a genuine concern for their local community?

We’d put our wager on the latter.

For Over Two Decades, Excellence
Has Been The Standard

When owner and founder Shawn Clemens began Clemens Home Solutions in 1998, a promise was born – a promise to deliver the best possible exterior contracting services for East Central Indiana residents. Through and through, and with no exceptions.

And this promise hasn’t faltered one bit. Through our legacy of keeping the business within the family, our P.R.I.D.E. and dedication is passed to YOU – from year to year, and without falter.

Introducing The Next Generation Of
Clemens Home Solutions Leadership

Next in line to carry our legacy on is Shawn’s eldest son, Ethan.

Ethan began as a technician for the gutter crew, but not just for any gutter crew – standing seamless gutters, which require more attention to detail and expertise.

Following in the footsteps of our friendly crew of highly-trained and full-time valued team members, Ethan quickly got the hang of things. After finding success with the gutter crew, he found his way into the canvassing crew for the marketing department.

This wide range of activities allowed Ethan to gain expertise and, most importantly, dedication to the importance of “People First. Excellence Always” – our guiding motto.

Ethan is now well on his way to being a project consultant, overseeing even larger projects!

Ethan is constantly working towards our one common goal of Clemens Home Solutions, carrying out our core values in everything he does and plans to do for the future of the team and family.

Next In Line: Getting The Hang Of The Gutters

When we say keeping our legacy alive, we don’t just mean passing the torch on from sibling to sibling, hoping for the best result.

Landen – Shawn’s next oldest son behind Ethan – is now on the seamless gutter crew learning the ropes (or, in this case, gutters), much like his older brother did.

You see, our team – family included – goes through all the training and experience necessary to complete the job to all of our East Central IN customers’ complete and total satisfaction.

But not all “Clemens kids” were meant to be on the “gutter-first” track.

The next sibling in line, Morgan, is absolutely loving her role with the company now, which is being the voice of it!

Morgan is interning under Cory Knight, head of the Marketing Department, and she has even done radio commercials for Clemens! So her voice is, quite literally, becoming the voice of Clemens Home Solutions.

And, finally, our “legacy building” wouldn’t be complete without the help of the youngest sibling in the group, Cameron.

But the idea holds the same for Cameron as for the rest of our now-paid team members. We hold to our Core Values, even if it’s something as small as making sure all the plates of food are set up for events, in everything we do.

Continue In The Clemens Legacy With Us

At Clemens, we don’t just consider our family to be our Clemens family alone. It is our East Central Indiana community at large, which includes you.

So if you need an exterior remodel in Muncie or East Central Indiana done by a contractor who truly cares, get in touch for a free quote today.

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