How Entry Doors Improve Energy-Efficiency

Mar 05, 2024

Energy-Efficient Red Door In Gas City, IN For Clemens Home Solutions

The Role Of Entry Doors In Energy Efficiency
For Homeowners In Gas City, Indiana

How Clemens Home Solutions’ Doors
Lower Grant County Energy Usage

If you’re planning an entry door installation in Gas City, IN, you should know the vital role of your front door in keeping your home energy efficient. Your front door is often the first part of the home that guests and neighbors see, but although it greets everyone in style and beauty, it is much more than just a pretty face.

More than simply the entrance to your house, a front entry door is also a barrier against the outside elements. In fact, there are many ways entry doors can help save energy and make your home more comfortable. They protect your home and family from intruders of all kinds. Let’s take a look at how.

1. Entry Doors Are Great For Weatherproofing

One of the key ways entry doors contribute to energy efficiency is through weatherproofing. Modern entry doors are designed with weather-stripping, which seals any gaps between the door and the frame.

This tight seal prevents drafts from entering your home, keeping the warm air inside during winter and the cool air inside during summer. By reducing air leakage, your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard, ultimately saving energy.

Clemens Home Solutions offers entry and patio door options that can help keep Mother Nature at bay. We install doors manufactured by Home Guard Industries right here in the state, supporting a local business while providing our customers with quality products.

2. Insulation Improves The Energy Efficiency Of Doors

Entry doors with proper insulation can significantly improve home energy efficiency. Insulated doors are made with materials that help regulate temperature, keeping the inside of your home more comfortable.

These doors have a core insulating layer, such as polyurethane foam, which acts as a barrier against outdoor temperature fluctuations. With an insulated entry door, you can maintain a consistent indoor temperature and reduce your reliance on heating or cooling systems.

Clemens Home Solutions only installs doors with an R-value of 15.1, making them Energy Star-approved. The R-value defines the energy efficiency of a building material, in this case, the door. Most doors are rated at R-5. That means they actually insulate better than some of the walls in your house!

3. Energy-Efficient Glass And Patio Doors

Many entry doors and patio doors feature glass or glass panels, providing natural light and stylish appeal. However, not all glass is created equal regarding energy efficiency. Homeowners should look for entry doors with energy-efficient glass that has low emissivity (Low-E) coatings.

These coatings reflect heat and UV rays, preventing them from entering your home. By reducing heat transfer, you can maintain a balanced indoor temperature without excessive use of air conditioning or heating units.

Our doors outperform most Low-E doors by 25%, and we only use Conservation Glass, which features the lowest seal failures and highest energy efficiency in the industry. Our patio doors will stop 95% of UV light from coming into your home.

4. Security And Energy Efficiency From Doors

Your entry door’s security features can also contribute to energy efficiency. Doors with sturdy construction and quality locks provide better insulation and reduce the chances of forced entry.

A secure door ensures no gaps or cracks let air escape or enter, maintaining optimal energy efficiency in your home. Clemens Home Solutions offers wood-free steel doors. They won’t warp, twist, swell, or split like doors with wood rails and lock blocks.

Our steel doors are also fully insulated with polyurethane foam, offering added energy efficiency while remaining environmentally friendly. Built with an all-steel construction, these 22-gauge doors are 33% heavier than regular steel doors.

5. Doors Requiring Little Maintenance
Can Be More Energy Efficient

Regular maintenance of most entry doors is essential to ensure energy efficiency. Any signs of damage, such as cracks, peeling paint, or worn weather-stripping, could indicate decreased energy efficiency for your home.

Homeowners often must address such issues to maintain the door’s energy-saving abilities. Keeping hinges lubricated and cleaning the door regularly to prevent dirt buildup can also affect its functionality and insulation.

Luckily, Clemens Home Solutions installs doors that require little maintenance to keep their energy-efficient status. Our fiberglass entry doors come in a choice of seventeen hand-painted colors, or they can be stained in a variety of seven different ironwood stains. You can get the look and style of a wood door without all of the work.

Trust Clemens Home Solutions With
Door Installation In Gas City, IN

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We work to make sure that your experience with us is stress-free from beginning to end. Give us a call today for a free quote on your patio and entry door installation!

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