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Mar 14, 2023

Clemens Pride Extends To Our Manufacturers Too

We Refuse To Accept Exterior Home Manufacturers Who Don’t Share Our Deeply Held Values

Quality Products With Quality Warranties Are A Good Start – But We Demand More

One of the biggest decisions a Muncie exterior home contractor will ever make is which manufacturer to choose for their project materials.

Some contractors are all about price regardless of the quality of the product. These are generally one-and-done types who just want to win the job, do the work, and disappear forever.

Other contractors only worry about image. They want to offer whatever the public perceives as the fanciest products. They live off the “money isn’t a concern” crowd, do work that looks beautiful and high-end, then use carefully worded guarantees to cover for the quality issues in their supposed ‘top-tier’ materials.

But then there’s Clemens Home Solutions.

While we want every project to look amazing, we also want them to last for decades or even generations. So, we are meticulous in our vetting of every manufacturer who comes to our door.

After all, we’re a five-star company, so it makes sense to deal only with five-star manufacturers who share our values.

Pride In Their Products

There are only a handful of manufacturers in the home renovation industry who are truly proud of the products they offer. These proud few display their faith in their products through the warranties they offer – and the others show their lack in the same way.

Those who know their products are exceptional offer exceptional coverage free of escape clauses and loopholes. Instead of a cynical sales tool, their warranties are solemn promises that their products will last for decades.

Much as our Clemens Guarantee displays our faith in the skills of our installers, the warranties offered by our chosen manufacturers display their faith in their products.

Healthy Relationships

No matter how good the product is, poor service will ruin your opinion of the manufacturer.

So when we vet a new product, we pay close attention to how well they communicate. We test their helplines for long wait times and gauge the responsiveness of their ordering process.

If we experience unpleasant service from a vendor when we’re a potential million-dollar client, how can we trust them to take care of you with the speed and concern we demand from ourselves?

While it’s true that we prefer to deal with the manufacturers for you, we still refuse to accept anything less than exceptional service.

Unswerving Integrity

Our vendors absolutely must keep their word at all times. If they say their product can fly, it better have wings.

And if they say it will last a lifetime, it better come with a true lifetime guarantee that doesn’t dwindle within a few years.

One of the ways a manufacturer will hedge their bets is to claim a lifetime guarantee but include a depreciation schedule that reduces the coverage as each year passes. So, by the time you need to use your guarantee, your coverage has fallen to 30, 20, or even 5% of what it was on day one.

Clemens Home Solutions will never offer any manufacturer that uses such language in their contracts.

For one, it’s dishonest. But for two, our Clemens Guarantee ensures that we offer only the products we know will go the distance. After all, there’s no legalese in our guarantee to save our bacon if we use an inferior product.

Diligence In All Things

The manufacturers we select have one thing in common – they engineer their products to last.

With CertainTeed, they don’t just sell shingles. They sell roof systems that they test over and over to ensure every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.

They want amazing performance from their replacement roofs, so they’ve created advanced materials and set contractor standards to ensure every roofing customer remains happy for decades to come.

LeafX spends money on constant research to ensure their product is your best answer for clean and efficient gutters.

No matter the manufacturer, if they supply Clemens Home Solutions, you can bet your last dollar that they are constantly looking for the next advancement in their field.

Excellence – Always

Whether it’s a reliable supply chain, a top-quality design, handling hiccups, or looking to the future, a Clemens manufacturer is constantly seeking ways to improve.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect the same from our manufacturers.


Because our customers deserve nothing less than the absolute best value. Not the most expensive and not the fanciest, but the best value.

The best service, the best performance, the best installation, and the best quality for their hard-earned dollars.

And partnering with carefully selected manufacturers allows us to provide exactly that to every East Central Indiana homeowner who seeks our help.

If you want to remodel the exterior of your Muncie area home and want the best results possible, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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