LeafX®: Muncie & East Central Indiana’s PROVEN Gutter Protection

Science-Based Design Guarantees Free-Flowing Gutters FOR LIFE.

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Are you a homeowner in Muncie or East Central IN who’s sick and tired of cleaning out your gutters? LeafX® gutter guards are a high-tech, PROVEN solution for keeping your gutters free-flowing… for life.

Let’s be honest. When it comes to gutter protection, you have a lot of options. But finding a gutter guard that actually works for the long haul is tricky.

Mesh and screen gutter guards quickly clog. Brush gutter guards build up “gunk” on the bristles. And perforated metal systems don’t block out the really small debris like seeds and pine needles.

Installing any of these types of gutter covers will inevitably lead you back to square one: climbing a rickety ladder to clean out your gutter system! Otherwise, you could experience COSTLY water damage (stained siding, rotted window sills, eroded landscaping… and MUCH more.)

Gutter Protection Engineered Based On ACTUAL Science

As a solid nose-forward system, LeafX® works on the scientific principle of laminar flow. This is when fluid particles follow a smooth path in layers. Rainwater travels down the LeafX® gutter guard, along its rounded nose, and straight into your gutters.

Leafx Gutter Guard Laminar Flow Clemens Home SolutionsGutter protection based on PROVEN science.

LeafX®’s design eliminates ALL the problems of other gutter protection. It won’t clog like mesh and screen systems. It won’t build up gunk like bristle systems. And it won’t allow in small debris like perforated metal systems. It’s the only gutter guard without an “Achilles heel”!

LeafX® works so well that it comes with a Lifetime Clog-Free Guarantee. You’ll never have to climb a ladder to your gutter system again. PERIOD.

Installs Over Your Existing Gutters (Saves Money!)

Many gutter guards require you to replace your ENTIRE gutter system. If your current gutters are in good shape, this is a tremendous waste of your hard-earned dollars.

LeafX® connects to your existing gutters using an innovative installation method. Special reinforced brackets and supports provide maximum strength—without the need to drill into your home’s roof or fascia. To ensure a flawless, “down to the millimeter” fit over your gutters, we cut your LeafX gutter protection onsite.

This meticulous installation process allows LeafX to stand strong against hurricane-level winds. Bottom line: You get maximum performance at the best possible value.

Withstands Mother Nature’s Worst

LeafX® gutter protection performs in all four seasons. And a big reason why is the strategically placed ridges on the hood.

Leafx Gutter Guard Clemens Home Solution Muncie InRidges slow down water and break up snow.

These small ridges make a HUGE impact. First, they slow down water. This allows sufficient time for rain to enter your gutters. The result? Independent tests show LeafX handles the heaviest rainfall ever recorded.

Second, the ridges break up snow and ice that form on the system. This prevents heavy buildup during the winter—eliminating the risk of your gutters loosening and pulling away from your home.

To guarantee premium durability, LeafX is made with heavy-duty 0.024 aluminum. That’s 26% thicker than standard aluminum gutter covers… and a VASTLY superior material to flimsy vinyl gutter guard systems.

Looks Great On Your Home

LeafX® complements every kind of roofing material—from asphalt shingles to metal to tile. It has a low-profile design to blend in perfectly with your roofline and enhance the look of your home.

LeafX® also comes in 15 gorgeous, rich colors. No matter the color of your home, we have the right shade to match it.

Leafx Gutter Guard Colors Muncie Indiana Clemens Home SolutionsGetting the perfect color for your home is easy.

LeafX® gutter guards are specially coated to resist fading, chalking, and corrosion. It also contains special additives that work overtime to help prevent the dirt and organic build-up common with other gutter-protection systems.

Manufacturer-Certified Installation

LeafX® is premium gutter protection, so only licensed contractors authorized by the company can install the product.

That means the crew we send to your home is fully trained and certified for proper installation. We have installation crews dedicated specifically to gutter protection. It’s ALL they do.

The result: You get impeccable installation that’s done once, done right, and done on time.

Competing Gutter Guards Vs. LeafX®

Gutter Protection Comparison Leafx Vs Perforated

FeatureThe CompetitionLeafX Gutter Protection
Material0.019 aluminum or aluminum/vinyl hybrid. (Vinyl warps over time.)Premium 0.024 aluminum for maximum durability.
InstallationSome covers are snapped onto your gutters, so they can blow off in strong winds. Other systems screw into your roof or fascia, which can cause future leaks.Factory-certified installers required. Cutting-edge design means LeafX is screwed directly to your gutters—NOT your roof or fascia.
GuaranteePerformance guarantees (if there are any) are typically backed by the installer, not the manufacturer.Lifetime Clog-Free Guarantee from the manufacturer… and our own Clemens “Fix It Or It’s Free” Installation Guarantee.
Debris ResistanceScreen and perforated systems are susceptible to buildup and penetration from small debris.A solid, sloped design means NO debris can penetrate.
Rain ThresholdLack the design to handle truly heavy rainfall. Runoff may occur, leading to water damage in and around your home.Based on the scientific concept of laminar flow to handle the highest rainfall ever recorded. Special ridges slow water and divert it into your gutters.
AppearanceMost have few color options. Certain gutter guards are installed under the second row of shingles, making them stand out (and not in a good way!).Low-profile design and 15 beautiful colors improve your home’s curb appeal.
ValueOne-piece systems are expensive and hard to repair. Typical “attached” systems are either installed using cheap clips or by drilling holes in your roof/fascia.Installed directly onto your existing gutters. A MUCH better value than one-piece systems that require you to replace your gutters.

Never Climb A Ladder To Clean Your Gutters Again.

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