Friendliness Is The First Thing We Look For In Employees

Sep 21, 2023

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What’s The First Thing We Look For
In An Employee? – Friendliness!

How We Ensure All Our Workers Are Friendly

Some other Central Indiana home remodeling companies look for two qualities when hiring: Is the applicant breathing? And can they hold a hammer?

And what do these low hiring standards mean for your project? Well, it can mean a lot – unvetted workers in your home, questionable installation techniques, and employee unaccountability…to name a few things.

But the main concern with hiring just anyone off the streets is their untested and unknown personality. That’s why we look for friendliness FIRST when hiring new employees – to ensure they embody our Clemens’ standard of company cheerfulness and customer respect.

And our friendliness “tests” ensure you get a fantastic home remodeling experience from the moment you call us until your final walk-through.

Our Employee Personality Assessments

You might ask yourself, “How can someone test for friendliness?”

Well, unlike other home renovation companies that may hire off of “gut feelings,” “good vibes,” or instinct, we take actual, practical steps to ensure our employees are friendly.

So, before we even interview any applicants, they complete a personality profile assessment test. And judging from our excellent employee track record, we’ve found personality test results to be pretty great indicators of someone’s general demeanor.

And what do we look for in those results? Gratitude. Positive attitudes. And cheerful dispositions.

So, even though gut feelings help steer us in the right direction, tangible personality tests provide hard, data-driven proof of friendliness – something all our customers benefit from.

Company Building Walk-Through

Many other home remodeling companies look at an application, ask a few questions, and decide whether to hire the applicant. But our process is much more involved than that.

After all, we’re hiring company representatives who will be in and out of your home – not someone who’ll be serving you french fries at a drive-through.

So, here’s a Clemen’s hiring process secret: Our interviews aren’t over after the sit-down, one-on-one part. After our employee sit-down interviews, we walk them through the office, warehouse, and entire building. While they get a tour of the facilities, they also get to meet their future fellow co-workers.

And when introducing applicants to those who’ve already passed our “friendliness tests,” it’s pretty clear whether they’ll pass the test themselves. Seeing how applicants interact with future co-workers is a priceless barometer of friendliness.

Continuing “Friendliness” Practices

Though friendliness is the first thing we look for in our employees, it’s not a one-and-done deal. So, unlike other home renovation companies who may look for cheerfulness when they hire someone, they tend to let that qualification slide over time.

But at Clemen’s, we actively work with our employees to ensure they feel respected, seen and heard throughout their time with our company. We check in with them, ask them about their lives, and provide weekly development meetings to assess where we’re all currently at.

When we are friendly towards our employees, we ensure their own friendliness transmits to you and your project.

At Clemens Home Solutions, Our Friendliness Gives
You A Terrific Home Remodeling Experience

Now that you know some of our hiring secrets, it’s easy to see how, when we say we screen for employee friendliness, we actually do.

But why do we care so much? And what does friendliness mean to you?

We know most home contractors are NOT known for being friendly – they’re often rude when speaking with you, concerned with their own agenda, and can’t be bothered even to smile.

At Clemens Home Solutions, it’s the polar opposite. You’re met with a warm welcome from the moment you first call us. And that sunny feeling extends through your entire project with the help of each of our friendly-vetted employees.

So, when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana home remodeling company that knows the value of and practices friendliness daily, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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