Beware The Red Flags When Vetting Your Muncie Contractor

Mar 07, 2023


Why Finding An Excellent Muncie Contractor
Is Like Dating – Beware The Red Flags!

They All Look Great At First, But Soon
The Dreaded Warning Signs Appear

Finding a great Muncie contractor is like scrolling through a dating app. After putting in your filters, the results can still seem overwhelming. They all promise the same thing, do the same thing, and claim to be the best.

But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find red flags popping up left and right. With the right questions, it doesn’t take much to whittle down your list of potential “dates.”

In the world of exterior home remodeling, clients who don’t know what to look for in a contractor are often left dealing with the messy aftermath.

Sometimes it’s best to start with the process of elimination and screen for those glaring red flags first to find your perfect contractor.

We make the courting process easy at Clemens Home Solutions because we’re upfront and honest with what we offer. You won’t even have to ask – we tell you everything because we have nothing to hide.

You won’t find any awkward first dates with us! Just apparent and genuine integrity.

Screen away!

If Your Contractor Is NOT Licensed, Bonded,
And Insured, Run The Other Way!

Being licensed may sound like a given when it comes to Muncie roofers. But guess what? The state of Indiana does NOT require it!
Anyone can legally climb on your roof and call themselves a roofer.

How scary is that?

Without a state-governed body to vet and verify a roofing contractor’s competence, skill, and professionalism, anything goes, and no one is held accountable.

For amateur Indiana roofing contractors, this is great news. But, for unknowing homeowners, it’s terrible news, and we’ve seen the worst of the fallout – abandoned projects, property damage, improper installation, and even an entire roof pulled off the WRONG house!

If exterior-home remodeling companies are not insured, homeowners can be held liable if worker injury occurs on their property. What a nightmare!

At Clemens Home Solutions, we’ve taken all the steps to ensure customer and company peace of mind – we’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

These three essential qualities prove we’re serious, skilled, and take responsibility for our actions. You’re fully protected when working with us!

Location, Location, Location – Your
Contractor Better Have One

In this day and age of working from home and mobile offices, it’s getting harder and harder to find brick-and-mortar exterior home renovation companies.

Trust us! If you thought there were a lot of contractors working out of their trucks before, there are even more now!

Why does this matter?

Because “Mobile Mike the Contractor”, can pull out of town just as fast as he pulled in, and where does this leave you? Out an accountable contractor when Mobile Mike’s roof patch job collapses into your kitchen.

Since our inception, we’ve had a physical company location, which proves we’re here for the long haul and won’t be hitting the road when something doesn’t go as planned.

We like four wheels just as much as the next guy, but not when it comes to our business. Our foundation is everything!

Background Checks Aren’t Just
For Law Enforcement

In the exterior-home solutions business, safety and responsibility are paramount. So much can go wrong, which makes it all the more important to trust the people you’re working with.

Background checks are an excellent way to ensure you’re starting on the right foot for both the company and the customer.

Unfortunately, many Muncie contractors hire anyone off the streets and gamble on the outcome. This means there’s no way to ensure their workers’ behavior or mental clarity when using power tools on or in your home.

All our employees, including our installers, are background checked and drug screened regularly to ensure they are good to go and won’t be a liability.

Regardless of the law, everyone that works with Clemens abides by our Code of Ethics to ensure we’re all on the same page.

At Clemens Home Solutions, We
Let Our Green Flags Fly

Though there are a lot of red flags to look out for when vetting your contractor, we make your choice easy by waving our abundance of green flags. We’re the real deal, from our license and insurance to our screened employees and physical location.

While some competitors use glove boxes for filing cabinets, we’ve taken the initiative to prove our professionalism in all business areas. Professional isn’t just a word to us – it’s our way of life.

Why do we take ourselves so seriously?

Because we take you and your exterior home remodeling project seriously.

At Clemens Home Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about finding us, reaching us, or hearing from us because, like a good partner, we’re here to stay. We let our green flags fly high and proud!

When you’re ready to start your East Central Indiana home improvement project using a responsible, professional, and reputable contractor, we’re ready for you at Clemens Home Solutions. Contact us today for a free quote!

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