Our Double Pane Windows Beat Triple Pane

Oct 19, 2021

4 Ways Our Double-Pane Windows Beat Triple Pane (Including Energy Efficiency!)

Our Windows Achieve Triple-Pane Efficiency, Crystal Clarity
& Rigid Durability… At Double-Pane Prices.

If you’re looking for new replacement windows, you’re probably wondering whether you should choose double pane or triple pane.

You might be thinking triple-pane windows are the way to go. After all, companies that sell triple pane market them as the “cream of the crop”—the most energy efficient window you can possibly buy.

Sure, triple pane is more expensive. But it’s going to provide you with the highest level of efficiency… right?

Not necessarily.

It’s absolutely true that triple pane is more expensive than double pane. But it’s not always the case that triple pane is more energy efficient.

We’d know. We install double-pane windows that actually deliver triple-pane efficiency… and offer several other features that make them superior to triple pane.

Below, we break these down into four separate categories. Let’s get started.

Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane: Energy Efficiency

Our windows contain premium glass that insulates like nothing else on the market. The glass is thicker than standard window glass and contains special exclusive Low-e coating.

The result? In head-to-head energy tests, our double-pane window produces energy ratings (such as U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) on par with triple-pane windows!

But that’s not all. The special glass in our window is assembled using two separate seals on the spacer. This innovative sealing system produces the lowest seal-failure rate of ANY window in the industry.

To put that in perspective…

  • In head-to-head tests, our windows beat the next closest competitor by 1,600%.
  • Other windows have a 55% seal-failure rate over 50 years. Our window’s seal failure rate? Half of a percent (0.5%).
  • The air-infiltration rating in the average window is 0.20 to 0.30 (the smaller the number, the better). Our windows have an air-infiltration rating as low as 0.01.

Bottom line: Clemens double-pane windows rival triple pane in terms of U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient… and actually BEAT triple pane when it comes to air infiltration.

Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane: Clarity

Clemens Double Pane Windows Vs Triple PaneDue to the three panes of glass, triple-pane windows typically have a noticeable tint to them. Some homeowners can live with that. But others don’t like how this tinting reduces natural light and “dulls” outdoor views.

Our double-pane windows solve this problem. They achieve triple-pane efficiency WITHOUT that third pane of glass that causes tinting.

The result?

You get crystal clarity, maximum natural light, and outdoor views in all their glory… all while experiencing optimal energy performance. In other words, the best of every world.

Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane: Strength

Triple pane windows are substantially heavier than double pane. Why does that matter? Because vinyl window frames have a hard time handling that much heft.

Over time, the frame can sag and bow as it buckles under the weight of the three glass panes. And a bowing, sagging window is going to cause serious issues—leaks, drafts, and more.

Since our windows contain two panes of glass, the vinyl frame never becomes too stressed or taxed. This ensures a rigid, stronger fit for a longer period of time.

That means you’ll actually experience GREATER efficiency because there won’t be any gaps in the window that cause drafts.

Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane: Cost

This one is pretty clear-cut. Making triple-pane windows is expensive for manufacturers. This increases overhead, so companies have to charge an arm and a leg to cover the costs.

Our double-pane windows are about 30-40% less than the average triple-pane window. Our windows aren’t the cheapest—they simply deliver the best value for your money.

You get premium efficiency, durability, curb appeal, and clarity… without breaking the bank.

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