Premium, Ultra-Efficient Replacement Windows
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Beautiful, Built To Last…
And Triple-Pane Efficiency At Double-Pane Prices

Triple Pw With Half Round Interior Hr

Need new windows on your Muncie or East Central Indiana home? Turn to Clemens Home Solutions—the replacement window company homeowners have unconditionally trusted since 1998.

When it comes to home windows, we do things a little differently than most companies. We don’t install windows based on which has the most name recognition or what’s going to pull the most profit. Instead, we install an EXCLUSIVE vinyl window that’s custom-engineered for the Indiana climate… and YOUR home.

Our special windows are made right here in Indiana… FOR Indiana. Every single part has been carefully considered and perfectly calibrated for our region. As a result, our windows achieve triple-pane energy efficiency and performance for a DOUBLE-PANE PRICE.

Here is more information about our replacement vinyl windows…

Triple-Pane Efficiency… In A Double-Pane Package

Clemens windows contain a cutting-edge double-pane glass system that’s been tested to deliver triple-pane efficiency. You’ll experience a more comfortable home and lower energy bills… without paying triple-pane prices.

Here are a few ways our innovative window provide you with the biggest bang for your buck…

Heat Retention

Our windows have heat-retention ratings on par (and frequently better!) than the industry’s top triple-pane windows.


Triple-pane windows often have a “tinted” look because of the three glass panes. Our dual-pane window’s special coating produces pure clarity.

Glass Strength

Our windows contain thicker glass than the average, which enhances its strength BEYOND triple-pane levels.

Noise Reduction

Thicker individual glass panes reduce outdoor noise pollution. You’ll experience indoor peace and quiet you never thought possible.

And MUCH More

You also get a window equipped with triple weather-stripped sashing, insulated frame, extra-strength thermal reinforcement… and everything you need for maximum performance.

Industry-Leading Airproofing

The special glass in our windows is assembled using two separate seals on the spacer. This innovative sealing system produces the lowest seal-failure rate of ANY window in the industry.

To put that in perspective…

  • In head-to-head tests, our windows beat the next closest competitor by 1,600%.
  • Other windows have a 55% seal-failure rate over 50 years. Our window’s seal failure rate? Half of a percent (0.5%).
  • The air-infiltration rating in the average window is 0.20 to 0.30 (the smaller the number, the better). Our windows have an air-infiltration rating as low as 0.01.
Maximum Security; Total Peace Of Mind

Our windows provide true safety and security. A multi-point anti-burglar locking system secures your home like no other windows can. And special childproofing technology makes our window the best choice if you have young ones in your home.

Sill & Sash Interlocks

Secure the sashes to prevent intruders from entering.

Dual Vent Latches

Allows the window to stay locked in place even when the sash is open.

Dual Cam Locks

Securely anchored into the sash reinforcement.

Optional Childproof Latch

Located near the inside top of the frame, this latch must be pressed to open the window. Excellent for any parent’s peace of mind!

The Perfect Look For YOUR Home

Our vinyl windows offer dynamic style choices, so you’re ensured the right look for your home and tastes.

Choose from 20 rich exterior color tones, including black, brown, red, and navy. You have just as many options with the interior, including a woodgrain selection that comes in shades of oak and cherry. Our windows also come with elegant style options such as internal blinds, muntins to match your woodgrain interior, and designer hardware finishes.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, don’t worry. Your Clemens Project Consultant will help you determine the perfect style for your home and tastes.

To explore some of the possibilities, visit our Window Styles page. We offer ANY type of window you need—double hung windows, casement windows, bay windows, and more.

Making Add-On Features Standard

Most replacement window companies use add-on features to increase profit, but some features are so useful it just makes sense to include them with our standard replacement windows.


Cover/Guard is a film applied to your replacement windows’ inner and outer glass surfaces to protect them from breakage during shipping and installation.

Once your new windows are in place, the film is removed, leaving you with a clear glass surface free of any damage or debris.


Welcome to the wonderful world of low-maintenance windows!

Clean/Guard is almost like having windows that clean themselves. This special coating uses the sun’s energy to release most dirt and dust so it will wash away with even light rain.

Plus, the extra-smooth surface keeps water from creating small beads on the glass, reducing the chances of water spots forming as the raindrops dry in the sun.

Non-Prorated Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Our windows come with the industry’s strongest product warranty. You get a lifetime of non-prorated coverage that is fully transferable if you decide to sell your home.

  • Window frame? Covered for life.
  • Operational parts? Covered for life.
  • Broken glass? Covered for life.
  • Window screen? Covered for life.

You also get third-party protection with the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval—a rare distinction in the window industry. If your windows are found to be defective within the first two years of installation, Good Housekeeping refunds your purchase!

All of this is in addition to our own Clemens Worry-Free Guarantee. If your windows experience any installation issue whatsoever, we fix it for free—period.

And if for some reason we can’t fix the issue? We’ll refund your ENTIRE purchase.

Clemens Home Solutions Vinyl Replacement Windows Muncie & East In

Windows Made In Indiana… FOR Indiana

When it comes to home windows, you have A LOT of choices. But there’s only ONE that’s custom-engineered and perfectly calibrated for the Indiana climate: Clemens replacement vinyl windows.

Get in touch today for your free estimate. We would be honored to hear from you.

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