Your Home Remodel Will NEVER Stray With Our Process

Sep 10, 2023

Home Remodeling - Process - Muncie, IN

Why We Live, Eat, And Breathe By Our
Proven Home Remodeling Process

We Stick To Our Smooth Process Steps, So
Your Project Stays On Track

We’ve all heard the saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that’s exactly how we feel about our proven five-step home remodeling process. We may be tempted occasionally to switch it up, jump on the bandwagon of another remodeler’s process, or try something new.

But the truth is – our process works.

Through extensive trial and error, we’ve developed the most efficient and effective process for maximum results…and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

We’ve already done the hard part by filtering out the unnecessary, time-consuming, and wasteful steps so that we can focus on what actually produces successful home remodeling results.

So you can trust in a process created to listen to your wants, give you helpful recommendations, keep you informed, install your project right, and ensure your total satisfaction.

The Difference Between Structured And Rigid

Now don’t get us wrong. Working within a strict process doesn’t mean we’re not flexible. We know manufacturer delays occur and customers’ schedules change.

But the difference between our process and our competitors’ is that theirs is prone to malfunction when a curveball is thrown their way.

So when your home isn’t quite ready for your new windows, or you’d like to switch the already ordered shingles, we know how to accommodate those changes. By scheduling installations appropriately and understanding delivery schedules, we can adjust our timeline to accommodate yours.

In other words, part of our process is knowing when and how to adapt to those rare unplanned occurrences often out of our control. And for you, this means your project stays on track, and you get the results you deserve.

When It Comes To Steps, Less Is More

Five is a low number…compared to ten.

But that doesn’t mean our five steps aren’t packed FULL of practical goodness. And what are those five steps?

  1. Initial Call
  2. Project Consultation
  3. Planning And Production
  4. Installation
  5. After The Job

Unlike competitors who might appear more comprehensive with their never-ending process steps, we’ve filtered through the fluff so we don’t waste your time.

By narrowing down our process to the essentials, we save you added expenses, time, and stress. So while other home remodeling companies may needlessly drag your project out, we stick to our five steps – because we know how to hone in on what works and leave the rest for the amateurs.

Yes, five may be a low number. But it’s a solid number.

So, don’t mistake our five-step home remodeling process for negligence – take it for evidence of experience.

Experience The Difference A Proven Home
Remodeling Process Makes

One of the biggest giveaways of an inexperienced home remodeling company is their lack of an effective process or, even worse, their disregard for its importance.

Thankfully, you’ll never run across that at Clemens Home Solutions. Instead, we honor our proven process because we know how essential it is to excellent results. Through the years, it’s been tested, tried, and altered…until we found the perfect combination of moving parts.

Today we’re proud to work within our process. Not only does it keep us on track and ensure we don’t forget anything, but it creates the best, smoothest experience our customers can ask for.

And that makes us extremely happy.

So when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana home remodeler that values the importance of a solid process to ensure fantastic results every time, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free quote!

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