Will Insurance Cover A Replacement For An Asbestos Roof In East Central Indiana?

Feb 04, 2022

Here’s What You Need To Know About Insurance Coverage Of Asbestos Roofs

Asbestos is tricky. Leave it alone and you might be okay — or you might not. If rough weather or an accident damages your roof, you run the risk of being exposed to cancer-causing particles. But removing asbestos is not simple either. The removal of an asbestos roof is a delicate project. One wrong move can cause carcinogens to be released into the air. Replacing an asbestos roof is also very pricey because of all the needed safety measures.

If you’re an East Central Indiana homeowner with an asbestos roof, you might be wondering whether your insurance company will come through for you and cover the cost of your roof replacement. Here, we have the answers to common asbestos-related questions.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Asbestos?

Everything about asbestos makes it a great material for roofing and siding. It’s sturdy. It looks nice. It’s fireproof. And it’s not too expensive. But it’s also a carcinogen.

The amazing roofing product in the 1900s became the silent killer in the 1960s when the ugly cancer-causing side of asbestos was discovered. If you have a roof made of asbestos, you should be aware that damage to your roof can potentially release harmful asbestos particles, which you and your family might inhale. Knowing this might make you run to replace your roof, but unfortunately, asbestos roof replacement is not cheap.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Asbestos Roof?

Replacing an asbestos roof is not an easy feat. Aside from the usual roof replacement costs, preventing asbestos fibers from entering the air during the roof replacement involves a number of additional costs:

  • Setup: Setup is responsible for over half of the total asbestos removal cost.Rooms need to be sealed off, and decontamination zones need to be set up. Containers for disposal need to be ready and waiting.
  • Equipment: Every roofer working on an asbestos roof replacement needs to wear protective equipment. Other types of equipment needed include sealants, a HEPA vacuum, and other asbestos removal tools.
  • Labor: Asbestos removal and disposal requires a team of roofers who really know what they’re doing. The extra labor involved in removing and disposing of the asbestos can hike up the price of your roof replacement.
  • Disposal: In addition to all of the above, there are disposal fees for getting rid of the toxic asbestos material.

Due to all these expenses, asbestos removal alone can be up to $120 per square foot.

Will Insurance Cover An Asbestos Roof Replacement?

Unfortunately (mostly due to how expensive it is), your insurance will probably not cover a roof replacement iif your asbestos roof is fully intact and undamaged. However, if your roof was damaged and the asbestos was exposed, your insurance may cover your roof replacement. For example, if your roof was damaged by fire or by rough weather — your insurance may be able to help.

Often, you need someone on your side who knows the ins and outs of insurance and understands everything that’s involved in asbestos roof replacement. Before contacting your insurance policy, call Clemens Home Solutions so that we can advocate for you.

What Kind Of Problems Does An Asbestos Roof Have?

While an asbestos roof will likely hold up well, the main concern is your health. When the asbestos is completely sealed inside your roof, the risks are minimal. The real danger occurs when there is any kind of damage to your roof. This disrupts the asbestos material and can cause the asbestos fibers to break loose and enter the air you breathe.

When humans inhale the microscopic asbestos fibers, they become embedded in the lungs and lead to inflammation, pleural thickening and diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Are you an East Central Indiana homeowner with an asbestos roof that you’re concerned about? Even if your roof is not damaged, contact us to find out your options and get peace of mind. We’ll be happy to explain the asbestos removal process and answer all your questions. Our inspections are completely free!

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