Why We Refuse To Offer Substandard Leaf
Guard Systems To Muncie Homeowners

Jan 08, 2022

Gutter Leafx Leaf Guard Protection Muncie And East Central Indiana Clemens Home Solutions

Why We Refuse To Offer Substandard Leaf
Guard Systems To Muncie Homeowners

We Carry The Only Brand That
Works As Advertised

One of the least favorite tasks for any Indiana homeowner is cleaning out the gutters on their home. It’s a gross, slow, and dangerous process involving tall ladders and more than a little risk.

The only job that is guaranteed to be more annoying is clearing out failed leaf protection systems. After all, you installed them to eliminate all that hassle.

  • And yet, many leaf guard systems just don’t perform as advertised. Either debris gets past them to clog your gutters or, oddly enough, the leaf guards get clogged with, well, leaves. That’s not the experience we like to sell our customers, so we took the time to do our homework and find the best leaf guard system available.

What Leaf Guards Are Supposed To Do

When you buy a leaf guard system, your lowest expectation is that they will keep the leaves out of your gutters. Unfortunately, some systems stop at that simple goal, which isn’t terribly helpful.

A true gutter guard system needs to do several things at once:

  • Keep leaves out of the gutter
  • Keep debris (twigs/dirt) out of the gutter
  • Allow water into the gutter

Most leaf guard systems do a decent job on the first task until they clog up with leaves themselves but fail at one or both of the other two tasks.

The Problem With Most Leaf Guard Systems

Most leaf guard systems use one form of sifting or another. Some use plastic mesh, some use holed metal covers, and some use a combination of the two. But almost all fail to do a complete job.

Those that don’t clog up often cause the water to overshoot the gutter in heavy rain, which can cause damage to your home’s foundation. Those that can handle heavy rain usually fail at keeping debris from entering your gutters.

Sifting the leaves and debris from the rain simply doesn’t work in the long run, and you’ll be up on that ladder within the first few years after installation.

Using Nature To Tackle Clogged Gutters

Gutter Protection Comparison Leafx Vs Perforated

The LeafX gutter guard system, shown above right, doesn’t look like it should work, yet it can handle up to 12” of rain per hour with zero overflow. The trick to the LeafX system is laminar flow.

Laminar flow is the tendency of water to flow in an unbroken path, which the smooth surface of the LeafX system accommodates with perfection. The rainwater follows the system’s surface to drop into the gutter while debris and leaves are propelled over the side.

Instead of using a form of sifting, which creates a turbulent flow to the rainwater, LeafX uses physics to make sifting mostly unnecessary. And since the system connects directly to your gutters, it makes the whole thing more robust, which is why our LeafX systems come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

If you are tired of cleaning the gutters on your Muncie, Indiana area home, contact Clemens Home Solutions for a free estimate. Between the LeafX system and our top-notch installers, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again.

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