We’re So Dedicated To Customer Service That We’ll Give
You The Owner’s Personal Cell Number

Jan 05, 2022

Image of the owner of Clemens Home Solutions, Shawn Clemens.

We’re So Dedicated To Customer Service That We’ll Give
You The Owner’s Personal Cell Number

And He Answers Every Call, Too!

If you’ve ever tried to get hold of the owner of most Muncie, Indiana home solutions companies, you’ve probably experienced some serious frustration. Most owners hide behind a mountain of assistants to the assistant of the Director of Customer Avoidance.

Not so with Clemens Home Solutions. When you partner with us to complete your home renovation, the owner’s personal cell number is just part of the package – and for good reason.

Your Home Renovation Is Important

For most Muncie homeowners, the decision to renovate part of their home’s exterior isn’t an easy one to make. More often than not, it follows months or even years of getting by with less than ideal circumstances, not to mention some serious budget reviews.

We get it.

Your project is most likely something you’ve wanted for a long time and, now that it’s happening, it’s hugely important to you that it gets done properly.

While our process is designed to make this experience as pleasant as possible, it’s the rare homeowner who doesn’t end up dealing with a bundle of nerves.

After all, you are trusting us with the single most valuable piece of property in your family’s life. That’s a mountain of faith to place into the hands of someone you barely know.

Heck, even we’d be nervous in your shoes.

So, the very least we can do is give you instant access to the tippy-top of the Clemens Home Solutions chain of command.

Shawn Clemens, Owner – Troubleshooter

Shawn Clemens started this business over 20 years ago while most kids his age were still wondering what to do with their lives, so he has a special love for what he does and the people who use his services.

He is deeply invested in running an honest business with an unsurpassed focus on the customer experience.

With that in mind, he has empowered his employees to make judgement calls that would keep most business owners up at night.

But not Shawn.

He knows the training his employees receive, and he trusts their judgement. Plus, he doesn’t like the idea of making homeowners wait while their concerns move up the chain until it finally reaches someone who can make a decision.

But even then, there are some things that only the owner of a company can make happen, which is why he makes himself personally available to any customer who needs his help.

Sometimes it’s a simple misunderstanding, and sometimes it’s an unexpected discovery pushing things off plan or a true mystery needing the owner’s eyes.

And sometimes, it requires decades of direct experience with exterior home renovations to find the solution. And Shawn has that in spades!

Whatever the situation, our customers know they can take it straight to the top when they need to by just picking up their phone.

That means an awful lot to our customers and even more to Shawn.

If you have a project in mind for your Muncie, Indiana area home and want a company with an owner who is always available, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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