Why P.R.I.D.E. Makes Us The Best
Home Solutions Company In The Muncie Area

Jan 05, 2022


Why P.R.I.D.E. Makes Us The Best
Home Solutions Company In The Muncie Area

It’s Not Just How We Work – It’s How We Live!

Most Muncie area home solutions companies see each customer as little more than a transaction. The homeowner needs a service, and the company provides this service for a determined sum of money. And once the transaction is satisfied, everyone moves on to the next one.

That’s just not how we see the world.

At Clemens Home Solutions, each homeowner is an opportunity to forge a new relationship – one that will last for decades to come. But more than that, we see the entire community around us as something worth our active participation, both professionally and personally, and we instill that in every member of our staff.

And that’s where P.R.I.D.E. comes into the picture. It defines us as a company and as individuals, and it has never let us down.


Pride is more than just looking at what you’ve accomplished; it’s being accountable for everything you do and everything you present to the world.

Whether you’ve done your best or you could have made better choices, pride demands that you take ownership of the results and, if necessary, learn from them.

It means thinking, “Will I be proud of this?” before you act.

From how you dress to how you approach your work to how you treat others, pride is key.

We train every employee to use pride to guide them through every decision they make, whether on or off the clock.


We consider every encounter with a fellow human being as a relationship, no matter how brief the occasion.

When a staff member works with a homeowner, they create a relationship of mutual concern. The homeowner wants a new look for their home or a problem solved, and that staff member wants to help them achieve their goal.

Yes, there’s money exchanged, but that isn’t where the joy lies. The joy is in helping another person improve their home and, by extension, improve their family’s life.

And that’s what is so key about viewing everything as a relationship. There’s a wonderful conjoining of wills to get something positive accomplished for the improvement of all concerned.

The result is a better, safer, more beautiful home for the homeowner and the satisfaction of a job well done for all who worked to make it happen.

And, of course, we encourage all of our employees to carry that attitude outside of work. When you treat every encounter as a relationship, kindness, patience, and fairness just fall into place.


Integrity is more than simply being honest with others – you must be honest with yourself, too.

After all, you can’t fix what you refuse to recognize, and, in the world of home improvement, that’s an unacceptable weakness (yet, endemic) that will always lead to failure in the end.

We teach our staff from the beginning that recognizing errors is the only pathway to personal growth. Happily, we iron out those mistakes in our 2000 sq ft training center, long before a single nail gets driven in a customer’s home.

And after the training is completed, we all share in the pleasure of watching someone build on this life lesson by creating a good life for themselves and, eventually, for their new family.


With the proper amount of diligence, nothing is out of your reach.

Attention to detail is a big part of our success as a company. It’s why we can offer the Clemens Guarantee without fretting over the cost of such a promise.

When we know for a fact that every person involved in a project is not just giving their all but carefully considering every step they take, guaranteeing their work is virtually without risk.

But diligence goes beyond even that. It’s also about consistency. A diligent person will do the same thing the same way every single time without falling into complacency.

That’s the danger of this type of work – repetition leading to distraction. That’s why diligence is such a big part of our identity as a company. Even though you may have driven this type of nail in this exact manner a thousand times, you still need to pay attention to what you are doing.

And, as always, this extends into life. It can be easy to fall into patterns without giving much thought to what you are doing, leading to less than desirable results.

It’s only through paying attention, through diligence, that you will always get the best results possible.


Excellence is the pursuit of perfection, which means it is an ever-rising bar that brings us ever closer to our impossible goal.

While perfection is an example of an unattainable concept, excellence can be attained and is expected from every employee every day.

Unlike perfection, which is a result, excellence is a state of being. It’s the constant struggle to improve each day of your life.

We approach each home improvement project as an opportunity to do it better than we did the last time. And that’s precisely how we teach our employees to approach life in general. A relentless effort to improve themselves in all aspects.

Sadly, today’s business-speak has turned the word improve into a negative. That if you need to improve, you have failed. That view is deeply wrong.

Improvement is just forward motion.

Consider professional athletes. They constantly speak of improving their performance, even those at the very top of their sport. Why? Because they know that excellence requires constant improvement and that staying the same is no different from moving backward.

They know, like all at Clemens Home Solutions know, that being the best is a moving target, so you must always be looking for better ways and expecting more from yourself than you did the day before.

Personal Growth Is Our True Mission

We love what we do. We love that we get to bring comfort and beauty into Muncie homeowners’ lives. And we love that, through our efforts, we have been able to help our many employees earn good lives as the best installers in Indiana.

But what we love more than any of that is watching our core values, our P.R.I.D.E., guide our workers into lives that endlessly improve.

And knowing that they gain physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally through embodying the principles that guide our own lives and those of our families.

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