Why Our 60-90 Minute Consultations Are Necessary

Oct 02, 2023

60 90 Minute Home Remodeling Consultations East Central Indiana

Why Our Home Solutions Consultations
Are 60-90 Minutes Long

Spoiler: Our Thorough Consultations
Ensure Your Amazing Results

When you’re in the business of home solutions, it’s always best to be prepared to deliver the home improvement results and answers your customers desire. Unfortunately, many Muncie, IN home remodeling companies don’t give you the time or day to discuss your wants or needs.

That’s why, at Clemens Home Solutions, we always seek FIRST to understand before we are understood. So, we purposefully schedule 60-90 minute consultations to give your project the attention it deserves.

And our total devotion to your project ensures you get the results you expect…and then some. After all, we’re in the home solutions business (“solutions” being the keyword), and our  inquisitive and effective consultations ensure we deliver.

First Step To A Productive Consultation – Listening

Most other home remodeling companies come to your initial consultation with one intention – selling you on their products and services. And unfortunately, their rehearsed sales pitch doesn’t allow time for you to be heard.

But excellent results NEVER start with high-pressure sales…so we do the complete opposite at Clemens – we listen first.

Giving you the time and space to express your wants, needs, and expectations lets us completely understand what you’re looking for. Only once we completely understand what you want can we start recommending our solutions.

Complete Product Understanding

For many homeowners, home remodeling products and terms sound like a foreign language. However, understanding our recommended products is vital to ensuring you get your expected results.

So, while some contractors tell you what you need without further explanation, we take the time to talk you through the details. We give you product options and discuss their advantages, longevity, and why they’ll work best for your home.

And when we explain the ins and outs of your project, we never talk down to you. We know you’re fully capable of understanding your products, and we treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.

Opening The Floor For Questions

Have you ever left a home improvement consultation with more questions than answers? Some contractors talk fast, get in and out, and move on to their next appointment without ever giving you the opportunity to ask questions.

But we never want our customers to feel this way, so we ensure our consultations leave plenty of time for your questions. We know you have them, and we want to answer them.

And if your questions run over the scheduled consultation time, it’s not a problem. We always factor in some cushion time to ensure you’re left with only solutions, not confusion.

At Clemens Home Solutions, Our Comprehensive
Consultations Make The Most Of Your Time

No one wants to feel like their time was wasted. But while other home remodeling companies may rush through their consultations, their customers are often left with no more helpful information than when they started.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we’ve mastered the art of utilizing your time as efficiently as possible. So, we pack our consultations full of useful information while also allowing for attentive listening and time for your questions.

And though our consultations may be 60-90 minutes long, we stay mindful of your time and ensure we use it wisely. Our 25 years in the home solution business have taught us how valuable productive consultations are to delivering outstanding results.

So, when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana home remodeling company that offers effective consultations, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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