Why Community Outreach Is Our Passion

Nov 04, 2021

And Why We Focus On The Long Haul

A big part of the joy of success is being able to help others in the Muncie, Indiana area in a substantial way. And as a Christian based business, and one of Indiana’s top installers, helping to care for the people in our community isn’t optional. It’s in our blood and is a big part of our core values as a company. We’re just grateful that we are able to reach out to those in need and help turn their lives around.

That’s why we put a lot of our efforts into the Muncie Mission.

The Muncie Mission

The Muncie Mission offers help to those in need through a year-long process that slowly eases them back into society for a much better chance of success. They have created a 12-step program that stresses personal responsibility and a closer relationship with God.

The Muncie Mission takes their clients from a homeless or broken existence to being a full-fledged member of society with their 12-month program. Through life-affirming scripture, help that they earn through their own actions, and a growing affirmation that they have personal worth through honest labor, the Muncie Mission helps them to help themselves.


Though originally focused on men who needed help, the Muncie Mission has branched out to take on programs for women, children and families, too. We work closely with the mission and support them in any way we can.

One part of their program is fixing up homes to use as transitional housing for their guests as they advance through the program. We donate our time and materials to help make these homes a safe place to live. We also challenge our employees to donate their own time to help out.

Our owner, Shawn Clemens, also stands as a Muncie Mission board member.

Other Programs

Shawn is also a board member of the Heartland Christian School which prepares youngsters from Kindergarten on up to 12th Grade to take on leadership roles in their community. As a company, we helped Heartland build a 10,000 sq ft addition to the school.

We also have family ties with Heartland Christian School, as the children of several employees attend the school.

We also work with the Greater Muncie, Indiana chapter of Habitat for Humanity. We’ve installed the gutters on many of the homes they’ve built, and have found joy in knowing that we are helping to bring safety and happiness to families in need.

Fish Or Fishing

We believe strongly in the old adage that teaching a man to fish is far more valuable than giving them a bite to eat. Helping others is just part of who we are, and we want our efforts to have the most impact as possible. So, our charitable efforts will always go toward programs that teach people how to pull themselves out of their troubles with a caring hand.

If you need some work on your Muncie, Indiana area home and want to help us to help others, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free estimate. Together, we can make your home, and the world, a little better.

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