When A Former Employee Hired Us Himself For His Roof

Oct 31, 2023

Before Roof Replacement Gutters Muncie Indiana Clemens

After Roof Replacement Gutters Muncie Indiana Clemens

Exclusive Access: A Former Clemens
Employee Bares ALL

One Of Our Own Returns To The Scene To Share
Their Personal Clemens Roofing Experience

…Ok. When one of our former employees, Greg, offered to discuss his personal experience hiring Clemens Home Solutions for his Muncie, IN home project, we weren’t too worried. (We know exactly the kind of outstanding service we offer.) But, you never know…former employees don’t always have the nicest things to say about their former employers.

Fortunately, he wanted to share what makes us the unique and superior home renovation company we are – our above-and-beyond installations, personalized home solutions, and superior product and labor warranties. And we’re more than okay with that!

So, yeah, we don’t mind when a former employee wants to bare it all…because we have nothing to hide!

Greg Needs A New Roof For His Leaking Muncie Home

When Greg moved into his 1970s Muncie home 18 years ago, he already knew the roof would have to be replaced sooner rather than later. After all, the prior owner had put on a cheap roof with a shortened warranty…and this led to leaks. Lots of leaks.

But having worked at Clemens Home Solutions about five years ago in our sales department, Greg knew immediately who he would hire to replace his roof.

Now, many former employees of other companies would NEVER dream of returning to where they once worked. Whether it’s at a restaurant or a retail store, once you see the inner workings of a company, you can’t unsee it!

But, for Greg, seeing Clemens’s inner workings is just what brought him back to us! So, what did Greg see at Clemens that he liked so much?

Our attentive, caring customer service.

Our home solutions that think outside of the box.

And our incredible product and workmanship warranties.

Like he said, working at Clemens, gave him “the ability to see behind the curtain and the quality of the products and the quality of the workmanship.” He’d seen the elevated quality and attention we bring to all our projects…and wanted to finally experience that level of care for himself.

Clemens Installs Greg’s New Roof…And Gutters
…And Fixes Surprising Trouble Areas

Gutters – Roofing – Muncie, IN

So when the time to finally replace his roof came about, Greg knew exactly who to call – that same caring, detailed, and skilled home improvement company he worked at years ago. And we got right to work, replacing those old, ineffective gutters and that leaking roof.

And when the inevitable surprises popped up, as they often do, we addressed those issues ON THE SPOT…like an issue with two downspout placements. When trying to figure out where to place a couple of downspouts effectively, Clemens offered a new possibility no one had previously considered that wouldn’t compromise function and still look good.

And guess what? It worked! And now his gutters look great and work seamlessly to distribute water properly…all while keeping the exterior of his home looking great.

What’s Next For Greg’s Home?
New Windows From Clemens!

As expected, Greg was thrilled with his new roof and gutter experience and has had no problems so far. And though our incredible warranty is in place to bring him total peace of mind, he hasn’t even had to use it.

So, what’s next for Greg and his Muncie home? Windows!

In the near future, Greg plans to replace the windows on his 1970s home. After all, window technology has come A LONG way since the windows in his home were first installed. And when he replaces his windows, he can expect better energy efficiency and a more comfortable interior living experience…two things Greg is in the market for.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to have worked at Clemens to understand the quality workmanship we perform, the outstanding products we install, and the friendly customer service we provide.

So, when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana home solutions company that gives all our customers our “employee advantage,” we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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