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Mar 24, 2024

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Exceeding Expectations Every Step Of The Way

Going The Extra Mile Is Just
Another Tuesday For Us

When Dustin realized he had water leaking into his home, he knew he needed professional help.

And while it’s not every day that you need a roof replacement, if you do, you hope it’s the last one you’ll ever need. Often, finding the right contractor for the job can be the most challenging part of the project itself.

Once Dustin found Clemens Home Solutions, he knew he had the right answer to his problem. And once we were done, he knew one other thing, too.

“I really hope I never need to replace a roof again, but if I do, I’m calling Clemons.”

Dustin now has an incredible new roof and a plan for the future – and we’re glad we left an impression.

Staying Calm And Dialing Fast

Sometimes, homeowners call us to plan for the future. Sometimes, it’s because they have a problem, and it needs to be solved yesterday.

For Dustin, it began with one of the worst surprises ever – finding water leaking into his home.

Staring at the evidence, either up at the stained ceiling or down at the steadily filling bowl on the floor, was soul-crushing.

For most, the thoughts run along the lines of:

Not now!

Why me?

We’ve all been there. And as Dustin stood there looking up at what he knew was trouble, he didn’t panic. He called Clemens Home Solutions.

“Working with Clemons on our full roof replacement has been as enjoyable as a roof replacement can be. Water leaking into your home will never be fun. But everyone I spoke to from beginning to end was very kind and accommodating.”

We understand that when there’s a severe problem with your home, you might not be in a very good mood or be under a lot of stress. We take this to heart and try to be as accommodating as possible.

From your initial contact with us, we want to show you that your problem is our problem – and we’re here to provide a solution.

Zero-Pressure And An Honest Answer

When our representative, Jonathan Wright, arrived at Dustin’s home, he was already aware of the issue, so finding the root of the problem was his priority.

After a thorough inspection, Jonathan explained to Dustin the details of his roof’s problem, including what’s wrong now and what would likely happen going forward.

Then, Jonathan offered solutions.

He laid out the costs and the plan and ensured Dustin understood everything before deciding the future of his roof.

Dustin truly appreciated Jonathan’s honesty and integrity throughout his consultation.

“Our inspector, Jonathan Wright, did a great job explaining the process and outlining costs in a clear and concise way. Jonathan made us a promise when it came time to sign and stuck to it. I think this was the most valuable thing to us through the process. There were no shady sales tactics.”

At Clemens Home Solutions, our quotes are firm and fair. We don’t try to take advantage of homeowners with unpleasant sales tactics to make more money.

An Insurance Claim? We Can Help

What’s worse than dealing with a leaking roof and needing a roof replacement?

It’s picking up the phone to call your insurance company.

It’s part of the process, though.

Dustin wasn’t too pleased with the insurance claim process he had to endure. Having to deal with paperwork and back-and-forths – Dustin just wanted his roof fixed.

“The project manager also worked with us through our insurance process, which wasn’t nearly as easy as the roof replacement.”

At Clemens, we have great relationships with local insurers. They trust our assessments, which can do wonders for your paperwork.

Never Left In The Dark

As the process continued and time went on, his project manager knew that Dustin needed to be continually updated on his project’s status.

We don’t ever want you to feel forgotten, so we keep you in the loop. It’s about respecting our clients and showing you we care.

Dustin took this to heart.

“Rick did a fantastic job communicating updates weekly to us on where we were in the process.”

This is your project, and an open line of communication is imperative to its success. At Clemens, whether you prefer text, email, or a good old-fashioned call, we’ll keep in touch.

Out Of This World Friendliness And Skill

The time had finally come. Joey and Matt arrived at their scheduled times to transform Dustin’s roof from a leaky mess of a headache into a beautiful new roof and, almost just as important – decades of peace of mind.

Dustin felt relief wash over him as his new roof was installed, but he also found himself very curious. That’s never a problem with Clemens – we’ll gladly answer any and all questions you have.

“Joey and Matt were very accommodating and friendly as the team put the new roof on. They were very kind about answering all of my questions(there were a lot).”

And to Dustin’s surprise and excitement, Ivan and Austin were able to move up his gutter installation to make it all one finished project.

“Ivan and Austin were awesome about the gutter installation(they got us in four weeks early), and they were just as friendly and accommodating as everyone else throughout.”

With Dustin’s installation and project completed, he could finally rest easy. For our team at Clemens Home Solutions, it was just another Tuesday – and we love Tuesdays.

A Committed Roofer When You Need Them Most

Everything worked out favorably for our customer in this case. We’d love this to be how every project goes, but we know each project is different.

What’s not different is our commitment to you and your home.

If you accept a quote from us, we’re your roofer. We’ll fix the problem, install the roof, or do whatever your project may entail – because we keep our promises.

We provide a service you can depend on. Every. Time.

So, the next time you need a roof replacement or roofing services in East Central Indiana and need a committed roofing contractor you can trust, contact Clemens Home Solutions to schedule a consultation.

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