We’d Rather Lose A Sale Than
Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Jan 15, 2022


We’d Rather Lose A Sale Than
Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics

People First – Excellence Always
Is Our Driving Force

Every homeowner in Indiana has seen the crazy claims in home renovation ads. From “BOGO” to “One Time Only” deals, these ads dazzle you with impossible to ignore savings that, more often than not, aren’t real. Their purpose is to play off your natural desire to save as much as possible.

But none of it is real.

The numbers they are discounting from are imaginary prices that nobody in the history of home renovation has ever paid.

The theory is if they can get you to focus on the four or five-figure savings, you won’t notice that you are still being charged at or above the going rate. Then they add in time limits to really tack on the pressure.

And you know what? It works. Many Indiana home solutions companies use less-than-honest sales techniques, and they all work great.

But we don’t care. We’re in the business of helping people, not tricking them into a purchase that they aren’t ready to make.

Low-Pressure And Honesty Is
So Important We Put It In Writing

Clemens Zero Pressure Consultant Pledge Indiana

Before we send a new consultant out into our customer’s homes, they must sign the above agreement. Every line item is about respect and dealing directly and honestly with those who have invited us into their homes.

And trust us when we say we take this very seriously. Any deviations from this pledge will end a consultant’s relationship with our company.

After all, our company motto is “People First, Excellence Always” and those aren’t words we just picked for their marketing value. They are the heart of our company.

It Begins And Ends
With Respect

We know that Indiana homeowners work hard for their money and that home renovation is a serious investment requiring serious consideration. So, when we come to your home, our main goal is to give you the knowledge to make an informed decision.

First, we learn what problems you are having and what you think is the cause of those problems.

Next, we’ll discuss what your goals are for this project.

Then, we will perform a thorough inspection to make sure that your assumptions are correct. After the inspection, we’ll go over the options with you, explaining everything as we go along.

Sometimes, we’ll find that your problem is easily solved with a simple repair, and we will recommend that you hire a repair service to get things back to working properly. While some companies might see that as wasted time, we see it as our duty.

No Discount Gimmicks Ever

If you are agreeable to the recommended solution, we will then offer you a fair price.

That’s it.

A simple quote, free of any false sense of urgency, that you can spend up to one year thinking over.

We do carry a few discounts that are more our way of passing the money you save us back into your wallet than a pressure tactic.

Signing on the first visit does save us a good amount of money, and we pass that right back to you with a discount of about 10%. It’s not pressuring, so much as fair play.

We also have a marketing discount and a repeat customer discount.

Simple, straightforward discounts based not on creating pressure but on an even exchange of value.

We think that saving us a second trip, advertising our business, or simply returning to us for your next project deserves payment in kind.

No Perma-Guest Situations

You will never find yourself wondering why our consultant keeps ignoring your hints that it’s time to leave.

Our consultation process is quicker than most, even though our inspections are more thorough than anyone else’s in town. In fact, the majority of our visit is the inspection.

The consultants at Clemens Home Solutions are highly trained professionals who want to solve your issue the correct way, so the inspections they perform are extensive.

Once they’ve gone over the options and offered a quote, your first answer is all the answer they need.

Want to think about it? You’ve got a whole year to give it some thought.

Simply not ready for such an investment? We understand completely, though we will leave you with information on our financing partners.

Whether you say yes or no, we will respect your decision immediately and say our goodbyes with a smile and a hope to hear from you when you’re ready.

Why We Do This Even Though
High-Pressure Works

So why do we buck the trend and refuse to use tried-and-true high-pressure sales techniques? Simply put, they’re dishonest.

The discounts aren’t real.

The starting prices aren’t real.

BOGO is a flat-out lie.

And consultants that just stay and stay until you give in are, well, creepy.

As a Christian-based company, we take “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” to heart, and there’s little love in pushing homeowners to make major financial decisions on the spot.

Besides, we’ve found that treating potential customers with respect, compassion, and understanding works pretty well. Crazy, right?

Profit Is A Tool – Not The Goal

Yes, we take pride in running a profitable business, but it isn’t the profit that makes us proud; it’s the good we can do with that profit that really drives us.

It allows us to offer a quality product with superior installation by the happiest installation crews you’re likely to find.

It allows us to pay our people well so that they can build good lives for their families.

It also allows us to take the time to reinforce our values and methods with every member of our staff each year. We call it recalibrating the company.

And, most importantly, it allows us to reach out into the community with a helping hand.

So getting there through dishonest or high-pressure means just doesn’t make much sense to us.

If you have an issue with the exterior of your Muncie, Indiana area home and want the most honest, most cost-effective answer to your problems, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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