Transparent Exterior Remodeling in East Central Indiana

Mar 21, 2023

Window Sales Gimmicks Vs Honest Clemens East Central Indiana

An East Central Indiana Exterior Remodeler As Transparent As The Windows We Install

Bigger Isn’t Always Better, Especially When It Comes To The National Brands Vs. Clemens

What’s step one to achieving an East Central Indiana window replacement with as little stress as possible?

It’s to have an exceptional experience with the “window consultant” before signing any dotted line.

Unfortunately, as a homeowner trying to get the most out of your hard-earned money, you might already run into a hiccup at this early stage. You see, big national window brands are ubiquitous as they seek to dominate all aspects of the exterior renovation market.

And you, simply by virtue of being a homeowner, have likely already been contacted in some capacity. If that’s the case and you have reached back to them for an estimate – buckle up! They have a salesperson ready at the helm to give you their rehearsed script.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And with Clemens – it isn’t.

We’re here to genuinely help you.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we are proudly local and operate differently than these national brands. And it should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway — we don’t use the above sales tactics because, well, we don’t have to.

As it turns out, when you are actually trying to help people solve their issues, the sales naturally work themselves out.

So rather than selling you a window replacement, we’re solving your problem. It’s always been, and always will be, how we do things.

Sales Pressure Just Isn’t Us

With big national window brands comes big budgets. Much of which they devote to entire departments dedicated exclusively to sales. Because of this, we’ve noticed a very predictable pattern.

A pattern of tactics.

Their tactics can come in many forms — the most common is invading your space. And taking “no” not as an answer but simply as an opportunity to angle their pitch differently.

Add in the prolonged eye contact and the fact that they’re already awkwardly standing in your home — shoeing them away might not be as easy as you thought.

But we never enter your home with presumptions.

That would be just plain rude – especially for a values-driven exterior remodeler like us.

We begin with a free and thorough inspection of the windows you need to replace so we have an accurate set of problems to discuss and solve together.

There simply isn’t any room for pressure because the work at hand is one that we both want to solve – collaboratively.

Sales Gimmicks? That Isn’t Us, Either

The other component to sales pressure? Sales gimmicks.

Window replacement in East Central Indiana can get downright dishonest – and fast. It’s an unfortunate reality that comes part and parcel with the exterior renovation world.

And nothing compliments the sales pressure described above more than sales gimmicks.

You’ll run into these sales gimmicks:

  • Artificial price inflating just to “reduce” it, making it seem like they’re giving you a deal.
  • Stepping outside to “talk to my manager” as if they’re doing something exclusive just for you.
  • Giving you a quote that might seem reasonable on paper, but when looking at the fine print, it reveals poor-quality materials.

And even if you call out this behavior and shoe them out of your home (after a considerable effort), they simply move on to the next house to do the same routine.

How do we know all of this so well?

Because many disgruntled customers come to us directly after they just finished their big national window brand nightmare and let off their steam. Luckily, we’re quickly and easily able to put them at ease by simply being honest.

It’s that simple for us.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we never give fake discounts. And if we do have discounts, it’s always pre-planned or based on particular circumstances that are purpose-driven – for veterans or senior citizens, for example.

So don’t let them fool you if they say, “well, Clemens offers discounts, too!” While the word may be the same, how we put it into practice is never with ill intention.


Your Needs And Wants Are What We Work With

Giving you the right solutions is who we are. Solutions that include:

  • A comfortable first conversation.
  • A look around our model showroom with trained professionals.
  • Detailed measurements.
  • Defining what styles and designs best fit your wants and needs.

We don’t just want you to feel better about the quote experience. We work for your trust – through and through – from the first frame removed to the last frame installed.

If you need your windows replaced in East Central Indiana by an exterior remodeler who treats you like family, contact Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote today.

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