Three Failures That Come From Ignoring The Details

Oct 14, 2022


Three Key Details That Can Make Or Break
Your Exterior Home Remodeling Project

Here Are Some of the Problems That You
Can Avoid With An Outstanding Contractor

One thing that most Muncie, IN homeowners should be aware of is, remodeling failures that could have been avoided happen all the time. Often, when we get called on a repair, it’s a situation where the roofing contractor was oblivious to local code or simply failed to pay attention.

When contractors forget these details, it can cost you a lot of money in repairs. Water infiltration and weak structures can take years to show their faces. And when they finally do, repairs can run into the five figure range.

That’s why Clemens is laser-focused on getting every detail on every job right the first time.

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1) Throwing Away The Manual

We’ve all done it… “Well, it says to do this, but it’s easier if we just…” — but when it’s about your home’s exterior, the manufacturer’s instructions are not something you want to second guess. You run into instances of this in the field as a roofer when the contractor just guesses on your ventilation or uses substandard techniques.

And it bugs us.

What are they doing working on your home if they don’t want your project to last?

Clemens Home Solutions is different because we follow the manufacturers’ recommendations to the letter. If that means projects take longer and use more materials to perform properly, then so be it.

We have to get it right. Every time.

2) Leaving You In The Dark

Communication is something that has to be a part of any exterior home project, especially ones on someone else’s dime. When crews don’t communicate properly, this can result in issues that can make the entire project a misery.

Sometimes, there aren’t enough materials to finish the job, or your project will take an extra week to finish. These things and more can be avoided with proper communication.

We make it a point to make everything a team effort, and we will never leave you in the dark, wondering when your project will be done. When we run into anything that changes the project timeline in any way, we inform you immediately.

3) Leaving A Mess Behind

Most of the time when a mess is left behind, it’s from a lack of oversight and set policies. You work hard all day out in the hot sun, installing a beautiful roof, and when it comes time to clean up, everyone is beat, so it’s easy to forget cleanup without a process in place.

The bad thing about allowing a mess around the perimeter of your home is that small hands and feet could be put in danger.

At Clemens, we train our crews to treat cleanup as if it was their mom’s house. And they clean as they go rather than leaving it until the day is done. After all, our customers have their own jobs – they don’t need to do ours.

Detail Focused = Superior Service

Everything we do at Clemens is about the customer, and getting every detail right is a big part of our service. We have homes and families of our own, so we know how important your project is to you.

To us, our service is about being accountable and building relationships with our customers for the long term. So small annoyances and missed details simply aren’t allowed in our company.

Besides, with our Clemens Guarantee, missed details will haunt us – not you.

We will take the heat for and solve any errors in our work, absolutely free, for the first 15 years. With a promise like that, it’s just good sense to never let even the smallest issues slide.

If you need a repair for your Muncie area home and want everything to be handled with precision, call Clemens Home Improvements today for a free quote.

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