Things To Consider When Getting A Gutter Guard Installation

Oct 25, 2022

A Leaf-Filled Gutter With No Gutter Guard In Muncie, IN

5 Things To Consider When Getting A Gutter
Guard Installation In Muncie, IN

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Installation

Are you considering getting gutter guards for your Muncie, IN, home? They protect from clogged gutters and other objects, such as unwanted bird nests. However, it is not as easy as snapping them on and walking away.

There are five things to consider when getting your gutter guard installation, to ensure it is successful and the gutters do their job.

1. Your Gutters Are Physically Prepared For The Installation

There is absolutely no point in installing gutter guards on clogged gutters. If you have a problem with your aluminum gutters, ensure you choose a gutter guard installation company that will clear up the issue before installing the new gutter guard system.

2. Your Gutters Are Healthy

Before installing new gutter guards, have the installation company thoroughly examine your existing gutters. While adding the extra protection will keep your gutters from getting clogged, it will do nothing to keep the water from damaging your property when the system needs replacement.

If your gutters are old or breaking down, an upgrade to Clemens 6″ seamless gutters while you are getting your guards installed will ensure you have the best protection from the weather for your home.

3. Choosing The Right Material For Your Needs

Gutter guards come in a variety of materials and designs. Before selecting one, you should consider which one will benefit you the most and if there will be any associated hassles that you will not be able to handle.

Wire mesh gutter guards are a great concept. They sit flush with the gutter so you cannot see them from the street and allow you to see inside easily. However, they pose a significant problem. That mesh is the ideal spot for leaf matter to get stuck – even worse, tree seeds can lodge there and sprout.

Metal gutter guards sound durable and even look nice when they are first installed. The problem is that over time, with all the exposure to the elements, they rust and break down, defeating the purpose of having them.

Foam-style gutter guards are tree debris magnets. If the tree material sits long enough on the foam, it will sprout, giving you a much bigger problem to deal with than clogged gutters.

On the other hand, aluminum gutter guards stand up to the weather, easily snap on over the gutter for easy installation, and prevent everything but water from entering. With its anti-rust characteristics, your new gutter guards will last as long as the gutters.

4. How Your Choice Will Affect Your Roof

Another significant consideration is how your gutter guard installation will affect your roof. Many brands require nailing the material to the roof, which can cause considerable problems in the future. Alternatively, some options require lifting the shingles, which can break the water barrier, leading to leaks.

It is critical to understand how your gutter guard will be installed. Discuss the process with the company you are hiring before the installation, and if they have any of these damaging practices, choose someone who does not.

Consider getting a gutter guard system such as LeafX® that snaps onto the gutter’s top. This non-invasive process will leave your roof intact and set you up for success with keeping your gutters clear.

5. Hire A Trained Professional

Working on your gutters can be dangerous, as many homeowners are injured annually while simply trying to clean them. To ensure your safety, it’s best to hire a trained professional who is an installation expert to handle this job for you. Taking this on as a DIY project can be extremely risky with all the different parts involved.

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