The Triple-Pane Trap and Quality Window Manufacturing

Mar 17, 2023

Triple Pane Windows Vs Quality Manufacturing Clemens East Central Indiana

The Triple-Pane Trap, And Why We Choose Window Manufacturing Quality Above All

The Higher The Pane Count The Higher The Price – But Not Always The Quality

You know how razor blade manufacturers love to promote how many blades their newest line of products have?

As if three blades weren’t enough… why not make it four?

Wait, why stop there? Let’s make it five!

And for good measure… six blades. There we go. Now your face and skin will look as if it’s never grown any hair at all after you shave with our “BladeStorm 6000!”

So you purchase this BladeStorm 6000 because of the name and promise of an immaculate shave. But after the first use, it doesn’t do any better than your good old, traditional dual-razor blade line that’s stood the test of time.

Because when it comes down to it, if six blades work at 15% capacity, it’s the same as two solid and quality blades working at 50% capacity each.

See where we’re going with this?

When it comes to your window replacement – you do not want to get caught paying hundreds, if not thousands, more for the “upgraded” product that offers no performance upgrade.

You see, triple-pane windows are often advertised to provide better overall energy efficiency by the simple virtue of having more panes. It’s an easy advertising point – “triple-pane” can be thrown on any billboard, brochure, and website headline.

But dual or double-pane windows don’t get that luxury. Because it takes time to describe why they’re just as good, if not better, than many triple-pane windows on the market. And at a lower price point.

Luckily, and because Clemens Home Solutions has your best interest at heart, we’ll lay out the details as to why premium double-pane windows can take on triple-pane any day of the week.

Advancements In Double-Pane Window Technology And Manufacturing

East Central Indiana exterior remodelers who carry triple-pane windows will try to vehemently sell you on the idea that their windows are superior in every way.

Here’s why they might not be telling you the whole truth.

Double-Pane Glass Thickness

Here are some of the ways glass manufacturing has improved over the years to add to the thickness of each layer:

  • Float Glass Technology
  • Laminated glass
  • Heat-strengthened glass
  • Tempered glass

The advancements in the number of techniques and rapidly improving existing techniques have made glass more thick and durable. As such, adding a triple layer of glass has become less necessary to achieve the same results as two layers.

Low-E Glass Coating Technology

Low-E (low-emissivity) coating is a thin, invisible layer of metallic oxide applied to the glass surface. The purpose of a low-E coating is to reduce the amount of heat transferred through the glass.

Low-e coating significantly helps our HomeGuard windows at Clemens Home Solutions earn the best marks in energy efficiency possible, which can be seen on our Window Efficiency page.

Frame Interlocking

Frame interlocking is an advancement in double-pane window manufacturing, making it harder for the air outside to get inside the window.

This is achieved by making more turns, like a maze of sorts, for the air to travel through before it can ever touch the inside of the second inner pane.

Aesthetic Advantages To Dual-Pane Windows

Triple-pane windows have more oversized frames, meaning there’s less space for pure glass.

Given that a window’s primary purpose is to see the outside world, ventilate, and allow sunshine into a home, some homeowners prefer having more glass and less frame.

Our double-pane windows will enable you to have this luxury without skipping out on energy efficiency.

In The End, It’s About YOUR Benefit

We could go on and on about comparing and contrasting triple-pane and dual-pane windows, but that’s not the point we’re ultimately trying to make.

With us at Clemens Home Solutions, it boils down to one straightforward fact – our high standards put your best interest first.

No matter what.

So if we can offer you cost-effective windows with the same performance as a more expensive line of windows – that’s what we’ll do.

Because we never upsell under any circumstances whatsoever. What we ALWAYS do, though, is simply provide top-quality materials installed by our highly-skilled and highly-trained crew.

So if you need your windows replaced in East Central Indiana by an exterior remodeler with YOU as their top priority, contact Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote today.

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