The Reason Our Workers Always Smile

Feb 14, 2023


Clemens Installers Always Smile Because They
KNOW They Are Part Of Something Special

No Other Contractor Gives Them The Task Of
Excellence And The Freedom To Succeed

It’s exceedingly rare to find a Muncie area exterior home installer who hates their work. But throw a pebble into any local worksite, and chances are high that you’ll find several that hate their job.

What’s the difference?

Well, it’s easy to love your work when engaging in an activity you enjoy. But it’s difficult to enjoy your job when you work in an atmosphere that doesn’t encourage you to be your best.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we expect excellence at all stages of every project. You may think that’s a heavy burden on our crews, but you’d be wrong. It frees our crews to worry about nothing but giving their best effort in everything they do.

Quality Before Profit – Always

We believe in quality over profit in all things. It’s reflected in the products we carry, the policies we hold, and the professionals we employ.

The sad truth is that bad crews aren’t made up of bad workers.

Usually, they’re a mix of good and decent workers operating under bad policies. And when the quality of your work is determined by how much time you have to accomplish the task, it’s easy just to give up and make “good nuff” your number one goal.

While other contractors might push their workers to find a workaround when they run into a problem, we let our experts solve the source of the issue – even if that solution eats into our bottom line.

Once, the solution happened to be rebuilding the entire center support structure for a client’s roof. Not only did our crew take care of the problem, but they also didn’t even feel the need to come to the company brass before they took action.

They knew that, like all our other crews, taking care of the client is all that matters, and we trust them to make the right decisions.

And why not? We hire carefully and train extensively so that we can trust…completely.

There’s More To Life Than Work –
And We Respect That Truth

When it comes to hiring, we aren’t gaining new employees so much as adding to our family. So, joining up with Clemens Home Solutions is a lot like coming home. If you have issues in your life that need resolving, we give you the resources, time, and help you need.

And if you are just starting in life, you’ll appreciate the many classes we carry each year that teach you how to handle your money, run a household, or plan for the future. Then, as you grow, we’ll be here to celebrate each milestone as you build yourself up and, eventually, begin your own family.

If tragedy strikes, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to ease your burdens.

Yes, we remodel homes, but our true purpose is to build and rebuild lives – those of our clients, those of our workers, and even those who struggle within our community.

Anything that we can do to further that agenda, we will do.

We Share A Need To Make Things Better

At this point, it should be fairly obvious that we put a lot of faith in our workers. Sure, we train often and hire with care, but we can’t take credit for the instincts that make each member of Clemens Home Solutions such special folks.

All we can do is spot them and give them a place where their inherent kindness is rewarded, and they (and their skills) can thrive.

So far, it’s worked out wonderfully for all involved.

If you need help with the exterior of your Muncie area home and want to work with the kindest batch of experts in the industry, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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