The Frankenroof Is Damaging East Central Indiana Homes

Mar 03, 2023


It’s Alive! IT’S ALIVE! The Muncie
Frankenroof Must Be Stopped!

Save Yourself From The Horrors
Of A Piecemeal Roof

We don’t mean to alarm you (maybe we’ve been watching too many scary movies), but the Frankenroof is a real thing, and it thrives in East Central Indiana neighborhoods everywhere.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to warn homeowners of its perils.

What is a Frankeroof?

It’s a roof built just like Frankenstein’s monster – pieced together with odds and ends. Like his monster, the Frankenroof appears great for a while and then takes a dark turn. Homeowners are out of a working roof, their peace of mind, and their investment.

Plenty of Muncie roof installers are more than willing to jump on the Frankenroof cash cow. It means more repair jobs for them and more coins in their piggy banks.

But for the homeowner, it’s a different story, and it doesn’t always end as succinctly and cheerfully as the movie does.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on honesty with our customers, whether that means telling them they’d benefit from a full replacement or their current roof is in good shape.

We refuse to make quick, cheap, and futile repairs we know will harm you more than help in the end.

By giving our customers what they need to make an informed decision, we save them the stress and hassle of constant patch jobs.

Do You Like Spending More Than You
Need To? We Didn’t Think So

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose to replace a third or half of their roof instead of the whole thing is to save money. We get it – we like saving money too!

However, the irony is you’ll actually spend more when all is said and done. Replacing your roof piece by piece to avoid a higher full replacement initial cost is cost prohibitive.

Knowing this, many Muncie roofers gladly accept piecemeal jobs, and why wouldn’t they? They get returning customers paying less upfront but more in the long run.

Plus, when those piecemeal parts start to fail, who are the homeowners going to call for repairs? You guessed it – the same roofing company that put them on.

We want our customers to spend wisely and experience the full potential of a solid new roof. Of course, we’ll do half replacements, but we’ll push a full replacement for customer cost efficiency any day.

Plus, if you think you can’t afford a whole new roof, think again! At Clemens, we offer several financial options to make our full roof replacements available to anyone who wants or needs one.

Band-Aids Are For Scrapes –
Not For Roofs

Band-aids are great for covering up the initial wound. But, once the bleeding stops, you need to let the wound heal – and the same goes for roofs.

Quick fixes and small repair jobs can protect your home for a while. But sooner or later, the damage will show itself once again if the root of the issue is left unaddressed.

Some other roofing contractors prefer covering up the underlying issue with pretty shingles. That way, the client sees an eye-appealing fix, and the contractor gets to come back a year later to band-aid the problem once again.

We don’t work like this at Clemens. Instead, we address the underlying problem and stop any further roof damage.

And by  using our installation methods to address foundational issues, we ensure your new roofing system will work as intended.

Partial Replacement =
Full Warranty Loss

Roofing warranties can be finicky. If you replace parts using non-covered products, you risk losing your manufacturer warranty, and if you repair parts yourself or use different roofing companies, you risk losing your work or labor warranty.

Simply put, most repair jobs are unguaranteed and can void the warranty your roof already had. You’re playing with fire once you start patching your roof piece by piece.

Again, many roofing contractors are fine doing this because they’re not the ones getting burned. All it means to them is more money in their pockets.

At Clemens, we fully protect our customers with a stunning roof over their heads and peace of mind in their investment.

Not only do we offer our Clemens Guarantee (we’ll fix any installation error – free of charge), but we only offer roofing products with the best warranties (up to 50 years on non-prorated coverage and up to 25 years on workmanship).

How can we offer such exceptional warranties? Because we believe in our products and know we did our job right.

Avoid The Muncie Frankenroof With Our
Incredible Roofing Systems

Now that you know the pitfalls of the Frankenroof, you can avoid becoming a victim of it. A great, functional roof starts with the parts you cannot see and builds to a head-turning exterior using products from the same system.

Piecemeal roofs often fail quickly, cost you more, and offer no guarantee. No one, not even Dr. Frankenstein himself, knows what the result will be.

Although we applaud the creative short-term fixes we’ve seen over the years and admire the ingenuity of amateur roofers, your roof can only work to its optimum level when its components are specifically made to work together.

Even when the answers are hard, we tell you the truth to ensure you get a working, dependable, and long-lasting roof.

Are you looking for a roof replacement in East Central Indiana? We’re ready to get started at Clemens Home Solutions. Contact us today for a free quote!

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