The Clemens Guarantee = Peace Of Mind

Feb 06, 2024

Remodeling Is A Stress-Free Process With Clemens Home Solutions

How The Clemens Guarantee Gives Muncie, IN
Customers The Ultimate In Peace Of Mind

You Get a 15-Year Promise Of Trouble-Free
Results – Or Your Money Back!

You have myriad choices when it comes to Muncie, IN exterior home remodeling contractors. So why should you choose Clemens Home Solutions?

Yes. Communication is a point of pride for us.

Yes. We perform exceptional craftsmanship.

Yes. We offer a stress-free process.

And yes, we offer great rates.

But no, none of those are the primary reasons you should choose us. Exceptional workmanship, affordable rates, and a willingness to communicate and work with you should be the bare minimum you look for in an exterior remodeler.

The reason Clemens Home Solutions is unique is because we don’t just talk excellence, we back it up with our Clemens Guarantee.

What is the Clemens Guarantee? It is our promise to you that if you ever have a problem with our work, we’ll come out and fix it.

And at no cost to you.

Whether you have, seamless gutters, asphalt roofing, replacement windows, entry doors, LeafX Gutter Guards, or new vinyl siding installed, you can breathe easily. If something goes wrong, you know that expert installers from Clemens Home Solutions will be at your door to right the wrong. Talk about a stress-free process!

If We Miss Anything On Your Muncie, IN Remodel,
We Fix It. No Excuses. And No Extra Costs.

The Clemens Guarantee is simple, effective, and easy to understand. The same can not often be said about what our competitors offer.

How Other Contractors “Getch’ya”

Other installers may try to quell your doubts with guarantees. But these often end up being toothless and offering little reassurance. Common loopholes include the following:

  • Excluded coverage – when you read the fine print of the contract, you may notice that large and important sections of the project simply aren’t covered.
  • Service Fees – you may discover that, to get installers to return to your home, you must pay a service fee or trip charges. If the repair job requires multiple trips, these service fees can cost you a bundle.
  • Prorated Coverage – To “prorate” means to divide an amount or service proportionately over a period of time. Many contractors’ “guarantees” cover less and less as time goes on until finally, they guarantee almost nothing.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we don’t play these types of games. Instead, we offer a simple guarantee that even a child would understand.

No Strings Attached At Clemens Home Solutions

Our guarantee is very simple:

If a problem with your project ever arises due to something we’ve done, we return to your location as soon as possible to repair the problem.

No strings attached.

You don’t have to submit a claim within a predetermined time frame. There are no exclusions or prorated coverages.

Just call us and explain the problem.

We won’t try to blame someone else or make excuses. We’ll just show up ready to fix it. This is part of the stress-free process that our customers have come to expect from Clemens Home Solutions.

However, if we cannot fix the problem, we will refund every penny that you’ve spent with us on the project.

That’s right. You pay nothing out of pocket even if we are unable to repair the problem.

But listen…the truth of the matter is this: we have been in business for more than 25 years and have completed more than 15,000 exterior remodeling jobs. In all those years, can you guess how many times we have had to refund a client’s money?


That’s right. Not one time. We have always been able to make things right with the customer.

And that’s what you can expect, as well.

The Clemens Guarantee = Peace Of Mind

As you can see, the Clemens Guarantee takes a lot of the stress and worry out of hiring a contractor for an exterior remodeling job. With our guarantee, you know that you won’t get stuck with the hassle and expense of a bungled job. You know that professionals will be there at the drop of a hat to make it right.

More than that, you can be sure that our installers don’t want to make that “walk of shame” while they repair something they missed the first time around. Because of that, our teams work extra hard to get the job done right the first time.

This is why the Clemens Guarantee provides so much peace of mind.

If you want to have total confidence in your next exterior remodeling project, check out our current specials, ask about an exterior home checkup, and contact us at Clemens Home Solutions in Muncie, IN for a free quote.

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