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May 27, 2022


Seven Ways Our Installers Guarantee Muncie
Homeowners A Stress-Free Experience

From Excellence To Civility – Our Crews Are Focused
On Making Your Home Renovation A Good Memory

When an exterior home renovation crew shows up to your Muncie area home, it’s hard to know what to expect – unless they’re from Clemens Home Solutions.

While the standard installation crew can be a mixed bag ranging from excellent to “hide the silverware,” we work hard to find only the very best people to fill our installation crews.

We want only friendly, career-oriented professionals working on our customers’ homes. People who can appreciate why we do the things we do. And then, we take the necessary steps to ensure they stay that way.

Here are seven ways our installers and worksite policies stand head and shoulders above the competition and make our customers feel comfortable while their renovation is in the build process.

1) We Don’t Use Dumpsters

If you’ve ever seen gouge marks in a neighbor’s driveway, they probably came from a commercial dumpster. We prefer to use large trailers with rubber wheels to prevent any risk of damaging your property or the street in front of your home.

2) We Have Grooming Standards

While we allow some leeway in their personal choices, we expect all of our workers to show up clean, with a well-tended look, and in the proper Clemens attire. While competing crews may show up looking like they were just pulled from under a viaduct, you’ll never see anything but clean-cut professionals at our worksites.

3) We Encourage Greetings

If one of our workers crosses your path, you’ll be greeted in a friendly manner. Nothing is more off-putting than coming across someone on your property who doesn’t acknowledge your presence. Our installers know this and are always happy to look homeowners in the eye and say “Hello.”

4) We Hire For Friendliness

When we interview a prospect, the initial interview is all about one thing – friendliness. We can teach just about anyone the skills needed to do this job properly, but we can’t train folks into a friendly nature. So don’t be surprised if one of our workers takes the time to introduce themselves and ask about any concerns you might have with the build process.

5) They Respect Your Property

Before offloading any equipment, a team leader will ask you where you would like them to place their supplies and tools. The idea is that you know best which areas are normally high traffic and which areas are most suitable for temporary storage.

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6) They Keep You Informed

If you’re around when they arrive, the chief member of the crew will seek you out to go over the day’s plan with you. They’ll tell you what they intend to accomplish that day and gladly answer any questions you bring up.

At the end of the day, they’ll ensure that you know they are packing up for the night. If you aren’t home, they’ll contact you in your preferred manner to make you aware they are leaving.

7) They Keep A Tidy Workspace

Our crews are trained to keep safety and your convenience in mind at all times. Some of our competitors will fling materials and tools all over the place while they work and (maybe) clean up at the end of the day.

Our installers keep their work site clean throughout the day and never leave tools or scraps around where someone might trip over them. And when the day is done, they clean up every bit of their work area, leaving you a safe, contained, and tidy area free of random dangers.

As you can see, we’ve considered almost every step of the process and instituted policies to make the build process easy on our clients. In fact, we believe that with our methods, you’ll not only be relaxed during the build, but you’ll also probably look back on the experience with a smile.

If you need to upgrade your Muncie area home’s exterior and you want to enjoy a zero-stress process from beginning to end, call us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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