Rules To Follow When Choosing Sidelights For Your Front Door

Jan 30, 2023

Front Entry Door On A Muncie, IN, Home With Narrow Sidelights

6 Rules To Follow When Choosing Sidelights
For Your Front Door In Muncie, IN

Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Sidelights

Adding sidelights to your entry door on your Muncie, IN, home can make a stylish statement while adding extra light to your entryway. However, you can’t just pick any sidelight and call it good to go, as not everything will pair well together. Follow these six rules to choose the perfect sidelights for your front door.

1. Ensure The Sidelights You Choose Match Your Entry Door

You will first need to ensure that the type you choose for your sidelights will work with the style of your entry door. For example, choosing a contemporary door and rustic sidelights would not make sense aesthetically.

Choosing complementary colors should also be a priority. While you don’t necessarily want to overtake the front of your home with a bold color across the entire entryway, you’ll need to select sidelights that work well with the color of your door. Often painting them the color of the trim will solve this problem.

Additionally, you will want to ensure the sidelights match the overall style of your home. Different types may clash with your home’s appearance. For instance, in a contemporary-style home, you would most likely want to consider sidelights with thin frames and a lot of open glass.

2. Don’t Go Too Big With Your Sidelights

You can choose to have one sidelight installed on either side of the door or one on each side, depending on how much natural light you are trying to add to your home. While many want to maximize the light filtering into their entryways, sidelights should not be maxed out on size.

A sidelight that is too large will ultimately detract from the overall appearance of the door, which is the centerpiece of the entryway. When choosing your sidelights, aim for a tasteful size that is manageable. It should not compete with the door size but rather accent the space.

3. Consider Your Security And Privacy

While sidelights are there to allow natural light to filter into homes around the sides of fiberglass entry doors, there is no need to compromise privacy and security. You can select different glass types that will not allow people to see through to the inside of your home.

For example, textured glass will keep outsiders from looking in, while heavy-duty glass is an option for enhanced security. You’ll feel comfortable and safe in your home while enjoying the natural light from your new sidelights.

4. Pair Your Sidelights With Your Transom

If you have a transom or plan to install one with your sidelights, you must match the designs, textures, and other critical details when selecting them. Mismatching these two features will create an eyesore instead of a lovely view in your entryway.

5. Select Materials Based On Energy Efficiency

Choosing energy-efficient glass for your sidelights will go a long way toward helping decrease your energy bills. Combined with energy-efficient fiberglass entry doors, they can significantly cut back the energy lost through your entryway while adding a sense of style and sophistication.

6. Consider The Cost Of The Materials

Another factor to consider is how much you are interested in investing in your sidelights. Different materials will have varying costs, impacting how much your sidelights can cost. When getting your quote from your entry door installation company, it is essential to establish your budget so they can provide you with an accurate quote and reasonable options.

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