Respect Is More Than A Noun. For Our Customers, It’s A Verb

Sep 18, 2023

Home Remodeling - Customer Respect - Muncie, IN

3 Ways We SHOW Respect To Our
Home Remodeling Clients

We Don’t Just Say We’ll Respect You – Our
Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Have you ever browsed a home remodeling company’s website and seen the word “respect” used a hundred times? And then, when you call them up, you feel anything but respected?

Unfortunately, disrespect is common in Muncie, Indiana home remodeling – rude office employees, no regard for your property, and lack of individual care.

In other words, they give you promising words but a disappointing reality.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we say we’ll respect you…and then we actually follow through. And our client respect goes beyond common courtesy. For us, everyday kindness is the bare minimum…and our actions go far beyond the minimum standards of decency.

Here are three ways we SHOW you and your home renovation project respect.

#1. We Listen

Other contractors often come to your consultation with a pre-planned sales pitch, pre-packaged design options, and pre-selected product choices. This leaves many homeowners unable to get a word in edgewise or even a comfortable space to voice their needs.

If you want to be talked over or talked to during your consultation, we’re not your company – because we focus on listening to YOU first before we offer our insight. You can expect to be listened to and understood whether you’re interested in a roof replacement or new gutters.

We use a motto at Clemens: “Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.” And this philosophy has served us well – it allows us to put our preconceived notions aside so we can completely focus on what you’re REALLY looking for in your home project.

From there, we can use our expertise, experience, and knowledge to offer the best products and services to meet your needs…not ours.

#2. We Guide

Along with talking over you, many other home renovation companies talk DOWN to you. They might assume you don’t understand how roofing, guttering, or siding work. And worst yet, they don’t even trust that you’re capable of learning.
That’s one large, disrespectful pill to swallow.

But at Clemens, if you are not up to speed on the home service you need or our products, that’s no problem – because we catch you up. We know you are highly intelligent and perfectly capable of understanding the scope of your home remodeling project – you may just need a little guidance.

So, instead of dismissing your intellect like those other guys, we thoroughly describe our recommended products, show you how they’ll work with your home, and walk you through our entire process.
We don’t condescend. We empower.

# 3. We Protect

Any home remodeling project can lead to a stressful mess if the proper precautions aren’t taken. The unwanted layers of dust. The leftover nails embedded in the lawn. The scrap materials disposed of in the shrubbery.


No one wants to clean up after an installation team…so we do everything we can to ensure you won’t have to. This means we protect your home and property from the moment we arrive. We lay down drop cloths, wear foot booties, and cut working materials outside…away from your furniture and precious belongings.

When we’re done with your installation, we clean EVERYTHING back up again. And in the rare case we damage anything, we take full responsibility, address the issue, and make it right again.

At Clemens Home Solutions, We Respect All
Of Our Customers…And It Shows

So, while some other Central Indiana home remodeling contractors might claim to respect you, their actions tell a different story. Whether through sales bullying, dismissing your concerns, or carelessly treating your property, disrespect comes in many forms.

Fortunately, we’re devoted to total customer respect at Clemens Home Solutions. From our informative, personalized consultations and active listening to our mindful property care, we treat you with the respect you deserve.

So, when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana company that respects, values, and appreciates their customers, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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