The Informed Consumer’s Guide To A Successful Roofing Project

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Out of all home improvement projects, roofing probably goes wrong the most often. The roofing industry has ZERO regulations, so it’s filled with unreliable, unethical, unskilled contractors. That makes hiring a roofer a gamble… and the odds aren’t in your favor.

We’ve changed that.

Company owner Shawn Clemens has created The Informed Consumer’s Guide To A Successful Roofing Project. It contains everything you MUST know to hire the right roofer, choose the perfect roofing materials, and more.

In an information-packed 71 pages, you’ll discover:

  • The DEFINITIVE answer to whether you need roof repair or roof replacement
  • Which roofing materials are right for your home… and which are wrong
  • The 6 most common mistakes homeowners make when hiring a roofer (this will surprise you)
  • How to avoid the 2 biggest rip-offs that unethical roofers ALWAYS get away with
  • The 4 proven steps to choosing the best roofing contractor
  • The 6 biggest misconceptions about roofing projects
  • The 11 questions to ask ANY roofing contractor before signing on the dotted line

And much more.

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