P.R.I.D.E. In What We Do Leads To Terrific Results

Mar 14, 2024

Replacement Windows By Clemens Home Solutions In Daleville, IN

P.R.I.D.E. In Our Work Guides Our Every
Step So You Receive Flawless Results

It’s Why We Are Indiana’s Rock Star
Exterior Home Contractors

Our competitors and outside onlookers often wonder what our secret is. How have we become the premier exterior home renovator in East Central Indiana?

The reason is simple.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we take pride in our work.


Each letter of the acronym stands for one of our guiding principles. These core beliefs compel us to provide stunning work, exemplary service, and outcomes that bowl over our customers.

It stands for the following:

  • P – Pride
  • R – Relationships
  • I – Integrity always
  • D – Diligence at work
  • E – Excellence in action

By adhering to these guiding principles, we have developed a large base of enthusiastic fans of our work. Our customers recommend us to their friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues. And they return to us when they need additional home improvements.


Because they trust us and they’ve seen our core principles at work.

So let’s look at each of those principles in depth.

Dedication To Our Principles Drives Our Success

During every job, we are guided by the pride we take in our work, a desire to foster a relationship with the client, and integrity in every interaction. We are driven to perform with diligence and excellence.


Our sterling reputation is everything to us. We take deep pleasure and satisfaction from our manual skills – like swinging a hammer or mounting a level replacement window – and from the overall success of a client’s project.

Even when nobody’s looking – we notice, and our sense of pride holds us accountable.


One of the fundamental principles we hold to at Clemens Home Solutions is the importance of relationship-building. You aren’t just someone who’s hired us – you’re someone we can help with a problem.

We don’t just pound some nails and then disappear. We create a connection. We listen to you. We offer advice, answer your questions, and hope to be there for the long haul. We want to bring your vision to life and turn your Dream House into reality.

We want to help you – with this project and the next and the one after that. We want each to offer an entirely stress-free process.


To build a relationship with you, you first must learn to trust us. That’s why integrity is so important to us.

Without your trust, we’re just a name on a billboard.

So we behave with absolute honesty and openness in every discussion with you. For example, we never play pricing games, use high-pressure sales tactics, or hide bad news from you. We are entirely direct and truthful from our first meeting to our last.

We don’t point fingers, place blame, or make excuses. If something goes wrong, we own up to it and, in the end, make it right.


And if we can’t make it right, you don’t pay for anything. That’s the Clemens Guarantee.


We don’t have any loafers or slackers on our team. Our expert installers give their all and earn their paychecks. We teach them and our project managers how important it is that you receive diligent, attentive service.

So we swear never to stop working toward your goals. It’s not enough that we simply show up on time. We have to devote 100% of our effort and attention to your project.

Every day.

All day.

Until the job’s done and you love the results.


Excellent service is our fifth core principle. Actually, excellence may be an understatement. We don’t simply want to provide you with great work. We want it to be transcendent – something almost mystical.

We want you gobsmacked by the quality you receive.




We want you to be knocked back on your heels.

We go out of our way to help, even if it’s just to carry in your groceries or fix a squeaky stair tread. No job is too small.

So if you are interested in working with a company that takes P.R.I.D.E in their work, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions In Delaware County, IN to request a free quote today.

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