Our Word Is Our Bond.

May 01, 2023

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Call Us Old School, But We Still Believe A
Person’s Word Is Their Bond

And It Takes Organizational
Skills To Pull This Off

As a homeowner in Muncie and East Central, IN, you know that finding a trustworthy contractor for exterior renovations is crucial. At Clemens Home Solutions, our commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction is unwavering, even after FIFTEEN years of performing your exterior renovation.

That’s how deeply we believe in standing by our word and delivering on our promises.

Taking center stage in our commitment to you is our one-year inspection program – and that’s just the start.

Want to really know how we keep our promise of being an outstanding, reliable remodeler for you for fifteen years after your exterior remodel?

Well… we’re about to tell all.

But First, Why Do We Do This?

At Clemens Home Solutions, we’ve implemented our inspection program and these rigorous processes for one fundamental reason: to safeguard your peace of mind.

We understand that your home is more than just a structure –  it’s a sanctuary for you and your loved ones. Our unwavering and honest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction stems from our belief that every homeowner deserves the best. By conducting thorough inspections and maintaining open lines of communication, we ensure the longevity and performance of our work and build lasting relationships with our clients.

Your trust is our top priority, and our inspection program is a testament to our dedication to upholding that trust.

So How Long Are We Talkin’ Here?

We’ve established a series of inspections at various intervals to ensure that our craftsmanship and materials stand the test of time. Here’s a breakdown of our inspection schedule:

One-Year Inspection

After the first year, we perform a thorough inspection to address any (albeit rare) potential issues that may have arisen since project completion. This allows us to catch and rectify any minor problems before they escalate.

Five-Year Inspection

At the five-year mark, we conduct another comprehensive examination to assess the performance and durability of our work and materials. This mid-term checkpoint ensures that our installations are still functioning optimally.

Ten-Year Inspection

A decade after project completion, we revisit your home for another in-depth analysis. This inspection verifies that our materials and craftsmanship have withstood the test of time, providing you with continued peace of mind.

Fifteen-Year Inspection

Like our ten-year inspection, this in-depth look at your home further solidifies what we need to know to ensure you that your roof, siding, windows, etc. are good to go.

Consider this EXTRA assurance that we have no problem giving to our valued customers.

Our certified inspectors thoroughly examine every aspect of the installation during these intervals, ensuring that your home remains protected and efficient. Our courteous and persistent approach guarantees that you receive the best possible service and support, even years after completing your project.

Fifteen Years Is Impressive. How Do We
Keep Track Of All Those Projects?

Does anything, from an entire remodel to the small details, get lost in our large catalog of past exterior remodels?

This is a legitimate concern given the amount of exterior remodeling projects we complete, multiplied by each inspection year.

That’s why we employed the perfect solution for this potential issue: high-quality software.

Our Software Ensures You’re Not Forgotten

Our customer service software includes a built-in feature that ensures a warranty inspector is always assigned to your exterior remodel. If an inspector happens to leave our company, the inspection responsibility simply rolls over to the next warranty inspector. This ensures that someone is always accountable for your warranty inspection.

We’re also diligent in reminding you about the inspection, using a balanced approach that is pleasantly persistent and courteously informative.

Because we get it – after fifteen years, you might have forgotten about us completely!

Detailed Reporting And Archiving

Following each inspection, we provide a detailed report via email or mail, depending on your preference. Our meticulous organization is reminiscent of a time capsule, ensuring your project information is always accessible.

Our CRM software and project-specific database store all relevant information, including photos and documents. Should our systems change, we archive or roll over all records, maintaining a historical database for your reference.

Consider us your home’s exterior renovation genealogist of sorts.

We’re Experts In Identifying Issues
And Working With Manufacturers

Our certified inspectors have the technical expertise and years of experience to examine your exterior renovations thoroughly. When necessary, we will go to bat for our customers with manufacturers to ensure they uphold their end of the warranty bargain.

And if we determine the issue is on us?

We’ll take care of it, no questions asked.

Certified Inspectors And Installers

Our team’s expertise goes beyond mere inspections. Our inspectors hold various certifications for products, such as LeafX® leaf protection, Polaris siding, and HomeGuard windows.

Not to mention our CertainTeed Select Shingle Master roofers – a feat only 1% of CertainTeed roofers reach nationwide.

We’re well-versed in the installation processes and can identify any potential issues.

We take our commitment to excellence seriously and only partner with manufacturers who share our values.

By choosing Clemens Home Solutions, you can rest assured that our commitment to exceptional customer service extends from installation to long-term maintenance.

So, Our Word REALLY IS Our Bond

When you choose Clemens Home Solutions for your home’s needs, you’re not just hiring a contractor – you’re gaining a partner committed and invested in the success of your exterior remodel.

For years to come.

If you’re a East Central Indiana homeowner looking for a reliable and trustworthy home improvement contractor for a decade and beyond, contact Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote today!

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