Our Guarantee Is A Solemn Vow

Feb 17, 2023


The Clemens Guarantee Isn’t A Sales Tool –
It’s A Vow That We Carry In Our Hearts

And Even If You Trust Everything’s Right,
The Pros At Clemens Prefer To Verify

It wouldn’t be surprising if you, like most Muncie homeowners, can’t remember when the warranties expire on your personal property. Even when it comes to big items, like new gutters or a new roof, time can blur your memory.

Has it been nine years or twelve? Does the coverage stop at ten years or fifteen? And how is it holding up, anyway?
With most contractors, you’ll need to dig out your paperwork to answer most of these questions and hire an inspector to answer the last one.

But if your home project happens to come with the Clemens Guarantee, you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Your Final Inspection Isn’t Your Last Inspection

Once the work on your home is complete, a final walkthrough is performed to ensure everything is done correctly. For a roof, that means ensuring the drip edge is situated just so and that the flashing meets Clemens standards.

It also means verifying that the ventilation was handled properly and is adequate for keeping your attic dry.

For gutters, siding, windows, and doors, every detail is checked against written expectations, and even the slightest deviation will be noted and addressed before the job can be considered complete.

But, while most exterior home contractors stop here – we don’t.

You’ll also get a visit from one of our Customer Care representatives, who will ask you about your experience throughout the project. They’ll want to know if we communicated with you promptly, if we kept our promises, if our crews were polite and professional in their behavior, and if the work area was kept clean.

A Brand Ambassador’s job is to look for shortcomings in our process and recommend changes when necessary.
But still, we are far from finished in our quest for perfect oversight.

The Opposite Of Hide And Hope

With almost every other Muncie exterior home contractor, the satisfaction survey is the final step – if they reach that step at all.

They then do their best to fall out of your memory as their work on your home ages toward eventual failure. That’s why workmanship guarantees that last longer than a year or two AND are free of loopholes are so rare.

We look at things a little differently at Clemens. We consider it our duty to provide homeowners with exceptional quality that truly lasts.

Our Clemens Guarantee is merely a reflection of that expectation.

It is, to us, the very least you can expect from our efforts.

So, to ensure that we keep our promise and that you don’t forget the promise we made, we continue to stop by and take a good hard look at our work.

We perform additional inspections at one year, five years, ten years, and 15 years.

And if we find a problem with the quality of our work or notice something isn’t aging as it should, we make it right.


Because we have that promise to keep, and it means everything to us.

Doing Right Is A Choice

There’s a reason the home repair and renovation industry has such a lousy reputation – there is little incentive to do the right thing.

In fact, some of the most profitable home contractors in the nation never step past doing the bare minimum.

Put simply, there’s no money to be found along the extra mile.

But…there is a whole pile of self-respect, neighborliness, and personal grace all across that extra stretch of road. And if you look closely, you’ll also see our main office there.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we live on the extra mile. We like it there. And while there are fancier addresses, none are more personally satisfying.

If you need help with the exterior of your Muncie area home or business and want to deal with a company that refuses to cut corners, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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