Nobody Dares Match Our Guarantee

Oct 07, 2022


Why Other Muncie Area Home Contractors Refuse
To Match Our Famous Clemens Guarantee

And Why We Don’t Blame Them One Bit

Warranties can vary wildly between the many exterior home contractors in the Muncie area. While the famous “tail-light” warranty (that’s only good until their tail lights disappear) seems a bit underhanded, it’s nothing compared to some of the “lifetime” warranties offered by other contractors.

Within most of those warranties are enough loopholes to employ an army of lawyers for years! Including some real whoppers, like:

  • Outrageous Maintenance Requirements
  • Depreciating Coverage
  • Removal Fees
  • Inspection Fees
  • Labor Fees

It wouldn’t be surprising to find so-called “fee-creation fees” in some warranty contracts. These caveats exist for two reasons: To defray costs and remove the risk of using crews and products that are mediocre at best.

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What Is The Clemens Guarantee?

Unlike our competition, we believe in our processes, products, and installers. We also have faith in the integrity of our customers, so we made our Clemens Guarantee simple, straightforward, and above all else, worry-free!

If you experience a problem due to something we did during the installation process, we fix it right away. End of story.

And if we can’t solve the issue, we’ll refund every penny you spent on your project.

No fees. No depreciating coverage.

Is it a “lifetime” warranty? No. But then again, neither are most warranties that make the claim. Oh, they may last for life on paper, but the coverage is usually down to under 10% after the first 10-20 years, and it usually starts falling fast in just five years.

With the Clemens Guarantee, you have 100% coverage for 15 years. But, truthfully, if you’re our customer, we’ll even honor our agreement beyond that point – and have several times.

The Clemens Guarantee has been in place since 1998, and we’ve never failed to live up to that promise. When you choose Clemens, you’re a Clemens customer for LIFE.

In all those years, we’ve only had to issue a refund once. We returned a deposit after we found a hidden chimney in a customer’s home that made the original plan impossible to achieve.

Was that our fault? Nope. Could we have legally kept their money? Absolutely! But that’s simply not who we are.

Why The Idea Of Matching Our Guarantee
Keeps Our Competitors Up At Night

For most home contractors, warranties are just a sales tool. They put “lifetime” or “50-years” in big bold print at the top but use small print to render the guarantee all but meaningless.

They know that they’ll never have to live up to your expectations about the warranty because the language in the contract all but eliminates their liability no matter what happens.

And even if you spot a problem quick enough to make the warranty work for you, the contractor knows that he can just point his finger at the manufacturer and let you fight it out with them.

But, the Clemens Guarantee wipes away all those escape hatches – and that has our competitors scared to even match it.


Because they operate under the trifecta of doom.

Inferior Products

Their product choices are based on cost and availability. If they can get it cheap and have it delivered tomorrow, that’s all they need to know. Quality doesn’t matter, so long as it isn’t so bad that they might get sued.

Inferior Training

Many exterior home contractors have no idea who’ll be in their work crews daily. With sporadic work and uneven pay, their hiring department may as well be fitted with a revolving door. So taking the time to train someone who may not be there a week from now doesn’t make sense.

Inferior Process

Oversight can be a luxury when your company is constantly operating on the income from the last deposit they accepted. So, the best they can do is have the crew chief keep an eye on things. But, for them, finding a problem is akin to admitting failure, so the chances of issues getting covered up is high.

They Just Can’t Afford The Liability

Much of the Muncie area roofing industry has no choice but to hedge their bets. They can only guess at the quality of their crews – and the products they choose for their low costs usually come with minimalguarantees.

So the chance that they’ll get buried trying to honor a bunch of robust warranties down the road is quite high. Their only choice is to produce ‘warranties’ that are more about protecting themselves than their customers.

It’s not a malice thing. It’s not even a dishonesty thing (well, rarely). It’s a result of living by the “good ‘nuff” credo that is everywhere in the roofing industry.

It comes from installing a product that the customer will only ever see from a distance.

It comes from lackluster standards and non-existent enforcement of the few rules that are on the books.

So, they protect themselves the best way they know how – meaningless warranties that won’t chew up their limited funds.

For Clemens Home Solutions, It’s
Just The Right Thing To Do

For us at Clemens Home Solutions, the Clemens Guarantee isn’t so much a warranty as a natural extension of our dedication to always giving our best. Putting it in writing just seemed like the right thing to do.

While it’s in our DNA to always do things the right way, that isn’t the end of the story – we needed to ensure we had the necessary components to let our intentions come to fruition.

So it was on us to pick the right manufacturers, design the detail-oriented processes, and hire and train the people necessary to support our promise.

Happily, we’ve managed to do a pretty good job of pulling it all together and we’re rightly proud of the guarantees we offer every customer.

If you are planning an exterior remodel for your Muncie area home and want to know in your heart that it will be handled with perfect skill, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free estimate.

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