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Feb 24, 2023


Our Competitors Think We’re Nuts For Handing
Out The Owners True Personal Cell Number

They Will Never Understand Just How
Crazy Serious We Are About Our Service

Just about every home renovation company in Muncie brags about how great their customer service is, but few back it up like Clemens Home Solutions can.

Actually, forget ‘can.’ The truth is, they refuse to.

From our Clemens Guarantee to our exceptional communication, few of our competitors are even interested in coming close. And of those who are, none will go so far as to drop the company owner’s cell phone number into their sales brochures – but we do.

Whether you elect to go ahead with your project, decide to wait, or even go with another contractor, you’ll receive a direct line of contact to Mr. Shawn Clemens, just in case you need his input.

Though We Try, Not Every Situation
Has An Easy Resolution

At Clemens Home Solutions, we give our Project and Production Managers quite a bit of power. Even our crew chiefs have latitude when it comes to solving problems. Our philosophy is that every minute our clients spend waiting for resolution is a minute too long.

But sometimes, a problem crops up that is so out of the ordinary that it takes a little insight from the Big Guy to get it resolved.

Now, on average, that’s no more than a few times a year, but when those rare moments come up, we don’t want our clients to get frustrated while they wait for a solution.

Sometimes, just knowing that you can pick up your phone and call the owner directly is enough to weather the situation. But other times, Mr. Clemens is the only person who can step far enough out of the box to make things right.

A Simple Mistake With No Easy Solution

When we create a quote for a client, it involves checking off digital boxes and typing in details. On one particular project, the boxes didn’t match the details. It was a simple oversight, but it was a large problem.

The initial quote was for the replacement of an entire gutter system. So our consultant clicked the box for the whole house and then finished the quote. But before the job was finalized, the homeowner – let’s call him ‘Steve’ – decided to eliminate the gutters over the porch from the project.

Our consultant dutifully went back to their quote and described which areas to include in the project and which to exclude.

Time passed, and installation day arrived for Steve. By the end of the next day, Steve’s project was complete.

But then Steve compared the digital quote with what he saw on his home, and the two didn’t match.

You see, there are two boxes of extreme importance within our quote software: the whole-house box and the partial-house box. Unfortunately, our consultant failed to switch from whole-house to partial-house when Steve changed his mind.

Now, Steve is staring at a quote that says “whole house” and then at his home, which still has old gutters over the porch.

The Positive Power Of Talking To The Owner

While most contractors would have simply pointed to the details of the contract, which were obviously about replacing only certain sections of the gutters, our reflexes head in a different direction.

To us, happy customers are more important than maximizing profits. Still, it was a very expensive error to remedy and needed to be run up the chain of command.

Steve, however, knew he could call Mr. Clemens wherever he needed to, so that’s what he did.

The solution to Steve’s problem was a no-brainer, but it needed top-level authorization. So, when he called Mr. Clemens, he also sent an email to Shawn’s main account so he’d have all the information.

What could have taken several days to solve was instead solved in just a few hours. The outcome was never in doubt, as we error toward taking care of every client, but the process would have been much slower without Shawn and his willingness to be immediately available to every client.

A Simple Answer To A Hard Problem

There was no doubt, from the person who wrote up the contract to the owner of the company to even the person who sweeps the office floors, that we were going to take care of Steve.

As we said, the answer was simple – living up to the contract we handed to Steve at the start, mistakes and all. But we needed Shawn to give his thumb’s-up before we could act.

Now, was there a meeting that week about ensuring that you change your checkboxes when the job changes before you finalize a quote?

You bet!

But first, Steve got his new porch gutters installed free of additional charges.


Because at Clemens Home Solutions, we will always live up to our core values of pride, relationship, integrity, diligence, and excellence.

And if you need to call Mr. Clemens to speed that process along, that’s fine by us.

If you need help with the exterior of your Muncie area home and want it handled by a company that always keeps its word, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free estimate.

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