How We Turned A Nightmare Front Door Into A Dream

Nov 28, 2023

After photos of corrected Muncie, IN front entry door

After photos of corrected Muncie, IN front entry door

The Time We Turned A Homeowner’s
Nightmare Entry Door Into A Dream

How We Fixed Another Home Remodeling Company’s Awful
Front Door Installation — It’s Clemens To The Rescue!

We hear the home remodeling horror stories – botched roofing projects, leaking gutter installations, and shoddy window replacements – but it’s not every day we get the call to see one for ourselves.

And when we do, you better bet Clemens Home Solutions comes running!

Recently, we got a call about a front door installation (done by another home remodeling company) gone wrong…VERY wrong. Let’s just say it involved bad door alignment, an unaddressed rotted frame, and, worst of all, a court case.

In other words, it was a homeowner’s worst home remodeling nightmare. But fortunately, the homeowners came to the right place – Clemens.

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How The Home Remodeling Nightmare Started

Close-up of misaligned front door hinges on Muncie, IN home

Bill and Robin are a kind, deserving couple with a lovely home in Muncie, IN. And, like with many homes, their front door needed a replacement. So, they called a seemingly decent home improvement company to remove their old door and install a brand new one.

But immediately after the company finished their project, Bill and Robin knew something was off. (And not just off literal alignment.) In addition to the misaligned screen door hinges, which caused the whole door to be misaligned, paint finish issues were left unaddressed.

Plus, some other manufacturer defects were never addressed, setting the door installation up for failure before it ever even had a chance!

The installers also failed to install the door properly – the opening was not properly squared, the door hinges were left crooked, and the caulking was done poorly.

Almost everything that could go wrong with their door installation had gone wrong…and worst of all, the company that installed it REFUSED to address any of the problems or take accountability.

Bill & Robin Sound The Alarm – Clemens Answers The Call

Close-up of paint finish issue on front door of Muncie, IN home

Left with a barely usable new front door and utterly disappointed hearts, Bill and Robin had no choice but to sue the other company. After all, they paid good money to a company that definitely did not deliver on its promise..or even admit accountability for their wrongdoing.

However, Bill and Robin still needed a new front door…so who did they call? Why Clemens, of course!

After reading our excellent reviews, researching our company, and talking to our knowledgeable, friendly employees, they knew we were the right people to fix their door problems.

We Clean Up The Mess Of The “Bad Contractor”

Close-up of rotten wood in Muncie, IN front door threshold

Once we heard about Bill and Robin’s front door misfortune, we knew we had no choice but to step in and show them how a great contractor works. And not only did we have the task of installing an excellent new entry door, but we also had to fix all the other company’s errors.

And trust us….there were many.

When we started tearing out the defective door product, we shockingly discovered that the previous company had installed over top of rotten wood along the door’s threshold…without even informing the homeowner.

We could barely stop ourselves from screaming!

At Clemens, we would NEVER dream of doing this. When we run across rotten wood on our tear outs, we always advise the customer and recommend a replacement. And unfortunately, Bill and Robin had already seen the consequences when a company ignores the underlying issues…and they weren’t pretty.

Thankfully, we were able to replace the rotten wood, install a defect-free front door, and, better yet, win over the trust of Bill and Robin.

It takes one bad contractor to turn someone off to home remodeling, but it can also take one good contractor to rebuild their faith in accountable, honest, and skilled home remodeling.

We Step In Where Other Home Remodeling
Companies Have Failed

As we said, it was hard for Bill and Robin to trust a contractor after experiencing the nightmare of their previous front-door project. But we made it our mission to make the issue right, even when it meant fixing another company’s mistakes, AND win over a homeowner’s faith in home remodeling again.

That might sound like a colossal undertaking, but Clemens Home Solutions is always up for the task. After all, we’ve been winning over skeptical homeowners with our dependable products, meticulous installations, and solution-minded customer service for over 25 years

So, when you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana home solutions company that can clean up the mess of other unreliable home remodeling companies, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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