Gutter Types: Pros And Cons

Jan 24, 2022

Gutter Types: Pros And Cons

Gutters play a very vital role in prolonging the overall longevity of the home. Simply put, gutters are responsible for catching and distributing rainwater or melted snow away from the foundation of the home to a designated area. 

If you take a walk around your neighborhood, chances are you will see many different types of gutters fixed on the surrounding homes. 

Many people choose gutters for their home based purely on aesthetics, but sometimes that isn’t always the best idea. 

Gutters come in many different shapes, sizes, and material quality, so it may seem overwhelming when you walk into the hardware store for the first time.

In this article, we are going to break down the different types of gutters along with their own personalized list of pros and cons. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you will be a more informed buyer during your next home renovation. 

Popular Gutter Shapes 

One of the biggest selling factors for homeowners is the overall shape of the gutter they intend on using. While there are seemingly endless shapes of gutter systems, especially when you take into account custom builds, we will focus on the common shapes you are more likely to encounter. 

K-Style Gutters 

One of the most popular gutters in the United States is K-style gutters, named for their iconic shape reminiscent of the letter “K.” Many homes will have K-style gutters installed right off the bat due to their simple size yet effective design. 


  • Can hold large amounts of water thanks to the tall walls and deep trench, exponentially more water than other types of gutters
  • Decorative front-facing side
  • Easy to install, many homeowners can do it themselves
  • The house-facing side is completely flat for a seamless look once installed


  • Rigid corners can be difficult to clean, giving debris a tight nook to become lodged in
  • Standing water within k-style gutters can be an issue after a large rain, posing the risk of corrosion or rusting depending on the material

Half-Round Gutters 

Just like the name suggests, Half-Round gutters are U-shaped with steep walls and an open roof. 


  • Many homeowners prefer the look of Half-Round gutters as opposed to K-style gutters 
  • Available in many different styles 
  • Hidden hangers camouflage the hardware holding the gutters in place 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Known for being less effective at mitigating water than K-style gutters 
  • Can be more expensive than other types of gutters
  • Much heavier in weight than many other styles of gutters

Ogee Gutters

Ogee gutters, commonly referred to as Victorian Ogee gutters, were originally utilized on homes during the 19th century but have become increasingly popular in recent years. The term “Ogee” refers to the S-shaped curve crafted continuously through the entire gutter system. Being some of the first-ever gutters, Ogee gutters earned their rank in the hearts of many. 


  • Traditional and classic design yet still looks amazing on modern homes 
  • Unique, you won’t see every house on the block with Ogee gutters. 


  • Must be custom built to fit each house 
  • Very shallow in design, best for small homes or areas that do not receive a substantial amount of rainfall 
  • Based on the design of Ogee gutters, they do not come cheap 

Fascia Gutters 

A home’s Fascia board is the long wooden trim running beneath the roof, closing off the attic space if your house has one. Typically, all types of gutters are installed directly onto the Fascia board. Fascia gutters act as both the gutter system itself and the Fascia board it would typically be installed onto. 


  • Perfect for homes that do not have a Fascia board installed 
  • Creates a seamless design around the entire home 
  • Hides rafter ends
  • Adds a bit of flair to the home 
  • Typically much larger than Half-Round or K-Style gutters, resulting in better water displacement 


  • Must be custom built to fit the unique parameters of each home 
  • Can be costly to install, repair, and maintain 

Worry-Free, Guaranteed

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