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Apr 26, 2024

Visiting Our Showroom Might Be The Perfect Next Step | East Central Indiana | Clemens Home Solutions

Visiting Our Showroom Might Be The Perfect
Way To Plan Your Next Remodeling Project

Drop By And Get A First-Hand Look
At What We Have To Offer

The design phase is often the most fun when planning your next exterior home remodel in East Central Indiana.

You get to imagine what you want your home to look like. Then, you get to choose from a variety of options.

  • What products do you want to use?
  • What colors do you like?
  • What style fits your home the best?

The questions can be overwhelming, and the answers difficult to find.

That’s where our showroom at Clemens Home Solutions comes in to save the day. Not only is it filled with amazing products and design ideas, but it is populated with true renovation pros, too.

Why Wait For Answers?

More information is obviously better than less when making a significant change to your home. So, instead of waiting on a scheduled visit, pop into our showroom to get your answers now.

Seeing, learning, and understanding more always leads to better outcomes.

Our friendly team of professionals can’t wait to assist you. Come down to our showroom and see our products in person.

New trends are always popping up, and new technology is pushing housing materials to the next level. At Clemens Home Solutions, we keep our showroom up to date with the latest trends and tech in the exterior home renovation industry.

And you don’t have to worry about being bothered. At Clemens, the showroom is a relaxed setting filled with information and wonder – not pressure.

The Showroom Is Just The Beginning

There are many advantages to visiting our showroom. Each can make a difference in your remodeling project.

Hands-On Experience

Nothing beats experiencing something firsthand before you buy it.

Just like at a car dealership, our showroom lets you get a real feel for the products and materials before purchasing anything.

Touch and feel the roofing shingles before they’re installed on your roof.

Get a feel for that new entry door you’re considering. Sense its weight and quality. And learn how those gorgeous replacement windows operate, which would look incredible on your home.

It’s all right there at your fingertips.


On top of seeing everything in person, you can talk to experts.

Our Project Consultants are there to answer any questions, bounce your ideas off of, and generally assist you with the details of what you’re planning.

And there are no sales pitches here.

Feel free to develop your vision into the remodel you genuinely want with advice and guidance from some of the best designers in the business.


Visiting our showroom can do wonders for your confidence when going forward with an exterior home installation.

Not only will you experience products and building materials firsthand, but you’ll also get a feel for our company.

You’ll meet part of our crew, see our store, and learn about Clemens Home Solutions and why we’re so favored by our customers.

Visiting us lets you get to know who you’re hiring before you do so.

True peace of mind is only a showroom visit away!

So, when you’re ready to begin your next exterior home remodeling project in East Central Indiana, there’s a showroom waiting for you. And if you’re ready, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free estimate today!

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