Few Business Investments Pay Off Bigger Than Employee Training

Jan 14, 2022

Muncie training facility for Clemens Home Solutions installers

Few Business Investments Pay Off Bigger Than Employee Training

And We’ve Spent A Bundle

One of the defining factors in the success of any Muncie area business is how much time they spend training their employees. The higher that number is, the better the results.

Whether your business is an ice cream shop, a department store, or an accounting firm, this fact is true. Well-trained employees are more comfortable and perform better at their tasks. And the more anonymity a position has, the more training can impact the end result.

So, when you’re sending installers all over town to work on people’s homes, you better have a stellar training program. Unfortunately, many local exterior home solutions companies disagree with that statement, but that’s likely why they have such a hard time keeping up with our standards.

3500 Square Feet Of Pure Experience

We have dedicated a 3500 sq ft facility to the sole purpose of training our workers. In that facility are mockups of every situation our installers will face when they are out in the field. They can train on everything we do, from roofing and siding to replacement windows, gutters, and doors.

The roofing setup is especially clever as it includes every problem area you can find. Valleys, junctions, and peaks are all represented on that device, so our roofers will never be surprised by what they see on the real thing.

We’ve included every problem we’ve encountered during our decades of experience in our training facility to ensure our installers are the most prepared in the business. The result of all that work has been nothing short of fantastic.

Clemens Home Solutions has been acknowledged to have the best installers in Indiana – hands down.

Putting It In Writing

Not only do we have a great training facility, but we’ve also created some of the best training manuals you could hope to find. Each manual covers a specific department or product type and takes you step-by-step through the installation process.

And we don’t just parrot the manufacturer’s instructions; we also cover the extra steps that we take to create the best possible installation. Steps like putting six nails into each shingle instead of the recommended four, using synthetic felt instead of tar paper, or using high-end sealant instead of cheap caulk. Plus, we tell them why we take these extra steps.


Nobody Is Exempt

Whether you walk through our doors with ten minutes of experience or ten years, you will be going through our training program.


Because newbies need to learn the trade, and the experienced need to learn which of their old habits they need to discard. After all, they got all that experience working for one of our competitors, and most just don’t do things as thoroughly as we do.

Attention to detail is probably the biggest lesson that both the new and the old need to learn. When you work for a quantity over quality company, which most are, sweating the small stuff is the first thing you’re taught to discard.

But when you work for us, you learn that it’s the little things that can make or break an installation, and that’s a lesson rarely given by any other company.

Honing Skills Never Ends

We know that high-quality skills require constant honing. And yes, doing the job is a big part of that, but it isn’t all you need.

Do anything often enough for long enough, and complacency will set in, whether you like it or not. That’s why we make a point of having weekly development meetings with our crews to go over any skill that needs some additional attention.

We also have monthly company-wide training sessions to go over our company’s core values, standards, and expectations.

We also, when necessary, take action when we see an unwanted trend in our follow-up reports from our recent projects. Be it an informal talk with a specific crew or a more official meeting with an entire department; we take appropriate action as soon as possible.

You see, when you are constantly checking and rechecking your methods and consistently reminding your employees of what is expected, complacency can’t happen, and excellence becomes second nature.

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