Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Window Warranties

Dec 28, 2022

New Windows In A Dining Room In Muncie, IN

Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Window Warranties In Muncie, IN

Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Fine Print

While replacement windows can add a lot to your Muncie, IN, home, it can take time to understand the accompanying warranties. They use a lot of language that can be confusing for the average homeowner to understand.

That’s why we’ve developed this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about replacement window warranties.

What Does “Lifetime” Mean In A Warranty?

You’ll hear the word “lifetime” thrown around a lot in reference to a warranty, so it’s essential to understand precisely what this term means regarding your replacement windows. It’s not a reference to your lifetime but to the general lifespan the manufacturer believes their windows will survive.

Types Of Window Warranties And What They Mean

There are several types of window warranties available, and they will impact which windows you choose. Knowing what each type is and offers is critical to selecting the best option for your home.

Lifetime Warranties

A lifetime replacement window warranty will cover all replacement parts, but it is only valid for what the manufacturer deems is the lifetime of the window.

Limited Lifetime Warranties

The most common type of window warranty available is the lifetime limited warranty. It’s similar to the lifetime warranty except that the covered replacement parts are limited.

Double Lifetime Warranties

The double lifetime warranty extends coverage to the length of time the home is owned. In many cases, you can also transfer it to the next homeowner – an added value for sellers.

Prorated Warranties

A prorated warranty decreases coverage with age, meaning the older the window is, the fewer replacement parts it will cover.

Transferable Warranties

A transferable warranty is one you can pass on to the next homeowner, which maintains the added value of the window upgrade.

What A Warranty Can Cover

While window warranties vary, homeowners should expect some common ground with what’s covered between them. These are some of the basic items you should find on your warranty.


The manufacturer guarantees that your window material will last a set amount of time. If your windows show signs of deterioration during this period, they should be covered under your warranty.

Energy-Efficient Glass

Your warranty should also protect you from early depletion of the gasses between the panes of your energy-efficient windows.

Obstructed Vision

It can be very annoying and unappealing to have dust and moisture trapped between the panes of your windows. Your warranty should also have coverage for this situation.


Installation warranties should cover errors licensed window contractors make during installation. Note that DIY window installations are not covered and generally result in a voided warranty.

Other Covered Items

Warranties should also cover minor defects and broken or non-working window hardware. If you have opted for premium window options, you will want to ensure your warranty covers them. Some plans also offer coverage for accidental glass breakage.

The Difference Between Manufacturer And Contractor Warranties

You will come across two specific types of warranties in addition to those already mentioned. These are very important, and you should try to take advantage of both of them.

A manufacturer’s warranty is specific to the materials in the windows. It protects you from any defects in these materials, covering the costs of certain repairs.

A contractor’s warranty is specific to the workmanship done during the installation. The contractor is certifying that their work is good, and they are backing it with a guarantee to fix anything that goes wrong due to their installation.

Common Loopholes

When deciding on your windows, you need to understand exactly what the included warranty will not cover. Even what sounds like the best deal can come with exclusions restricting coverage. Some common loopholes include the following:

  • Extreme weather
  • DIY installation
  • Windows made with tempered glass
  • Improper maintenance
  • Living within a certain distance of a body of water

How New Windows Increase Home Value With Warranties

Ensuring you have the best warranty for your windows will guarantee the biggest increase in your home’s value. New windows are a significant investment for your home, but the warranty backs them up for years. Having a transferable warranty makes the value even greater. If you can get a non-prorated, lifetime, and transferable warranty, you’ll be getting the best deal.

Get Your Windows Installed In Muncie, IN, With The Ultimate Guarantee

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