Developing Employees Is Key

Oct 21, 2022


Why We Put So Much Effort Into Developing Our
Workers Into True Leaders In Work And Life

We Take The Time To Help Them Grow Their
Professional, Personal, And Spiritual Lives

Most businesses in the Muncie area have grown used to having a revolving door in their HR department. Employees come, and employees go, often in a hurry.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we value each and every employee we hire and consider our staff as one large, happy family. Losing even one employee is considered a failure in the Clemens world – one that we work hard to avoid.

Whoever you are when you start your new job at Clemens Home Solutions, and no matter how good a person you are from the beginning, it’s our job to help you improve your life at every level.

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Setting The Right Tone

The first step in developing our people is introducing them to our company values. This is a fairly simple step, as we won’t hire anyone who isn’t a good fit with our core beliefs. This isn’t to say that they must share our faith, just that they must feel the same need to spread kindness and professionalism wherever they go as we do.

And our job, no matter how high it sits when they join us, is to raise their personal bar. To help them to be better leaders and better members of the community.

Training For Personal Excellence

No matter who you are or what position you hold, there is always room for improvement. While much of our training is focused on the tasks we perform, we take time to go over life lessons, philosophies, and actions designed to improve our lives.

Each weekly meeting concentrates on issues that have come up during the previous week and exploring long-term solutions to these problems. Then we devote some time to discussing how we can better influence the world around us in our day-to-day lives.

Our training programs would likely be considered unconventional, but the value we get from our methods is astronomical.

Every team member is geared toward doing their level best, not out of fear for their jobs, but out of a personal drive to never take a shortcut and to challenge themselves to improve each day.

Taking The Lessons Home

As we spend more time with each new employee, our lessons in the workspace start to improve their personal lives. The sense of responsibility and kindness we instill in our workers makes them better mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters.

And as they make their way into the world, we’re right there to cheer them along. Nothing makes us happier than seeing one of our employees take that next step in life. Whether it’s a first-time brand-new car, a marriage, or a new child, we celebrate them and their accomplishments.

How This Helps Our Clients

When your entire workforce shares a passion for helping others, it shows in their workspace, which is your home.

  • They clean as they go.
  • They pay attention to the details.
  • They act respectfully at all times.
  • They never ignore or cover up surprise problems.
  • They have a vested interest in seeing your finished project last decades.

Our workers embody the phrase, “Take care of your people, and they’ll take care of your clients.”

And because we are so invested in the growth of our workers, we rarely look outside to fill leadership positions. Every new employee is told we want to see them move up in the company.

Who better to run a crew than someone who has been living our values daily as a crewmember? Who better to manage all our crews than someone who knows our ways inside and out and what it takes to satisfy our high standards?

We want every staff member to develop into a leadership caliber person – and they don’t disappoint. It’s no accident that we have the best installation crews in Indiana.

When you are well-trained, are expected to meet the highest standards in the industry, have a clear path for advancement, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling personal life, it’s reflected in your work.

And our team will never accept anything short of a constant pursuit of excellence. In work and in life. Their skills are reflected in our faith in their work through the Clemens Guarantee, and in the smiles you see at each worksite. It would’nt surprise us at all if you catch a couple of them whistling while they work.

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