Are LeafX Gutter Guards Worth It?

Jan 06, 2023

New Seamless Aluminum Gutters Installed On A Muncie, IN, Home

Are LeafX® Gutter Guards Worth It For Your
Muncie, IN, Home?

These Gutter Guards Have Plenty Of Benefits To Offer

Having the right gutters installed on your Muncie, IN, home can make a world of difference in getting the protection you need from damaging rainwater. But what about all that cleaning and maintenance that comes with having gutters? The solution to all your problems is LeafX® gutter covers, and here are all the reasons why they’re so great.

Gutter Protection Based On Science

LeafX® gutter guards function based on the principle of laminar flow, which is truly scientific in nature. It is a nose-forward system that allows rainwater to travel down the gutter guard, along the rounded nose, and directly into the gutter with no obstructions. While letting the water in, everything else that could clog the gutter is blocked from entry.

LeafX® Installs Directly Over Your Existing Gutters

If your current gutters are still in excellent condition, there is no need to replace them when it’s time to install your new LeafX® gutter covers. Unlike other gutter guards, there is no need for special installation procedures, such as drilling into your home’s fascia or roof. LeafX® can be cut to size on-site, ensuring a perfect fit.

These gutter guards work with any roof type and pitch, allowing you to get the best protection for your home regardless of style.

Choosing LeafX® will save you a lot of money in the long run by eliminating the need to replace your entire gutter system or hiring someone to clean your gutters. With no debris able to enter your gutters, clogs will be a thing of the past, preventing damage to your home.

By eliminating debris buildup, LeafX® gutter covers will also decrease replacement costs of your gutter system by preventing rust and extending their lifetime.

LeafX® Gutter Guards Can Stand Up To
The Muncie, IN, Weather

Strategically placed ridges on the LeafX® gutter guard system enable the best protection from Mother Nature. These ridges slow down the flow of water, ensuring it goes into the gutter instead of straight to the ground, where it can damage your home.

You also won’t get heavy snow and ice buildup in the winter because these ridges break it up. This means you are less likely to experience damage or loosening of your gutter system.

Additionally, LeafX® gutter covers are made with .24 aluminum, which is exceptionally heavy-duty and 26% thicker than standard aluminum gutter guards.

LeafX® Can Only Be Installed By Certified Technicians

LeafX® is very specific about who can install their products, requiring contractors to be certified by the company. This means you will get the precision installation done correctly every time.

And with expectations this high, you know the quality of your installation will be superior compared to other products.

You Can Match Your Home Perfectly

LeafX® gutter covers come in various colors that can expertly match your home’s style and aesthetic. Their unique coating resists many forms of deterioration, including rust and fading. And because of its low profile, it will blend perfectly with your roofline and nicely complement it.

Why Other Gutter Guards Are Not As Good

Other gutter guards have questionable installation techniques. Some snap onto your gutters, which could allow them to blow away in a severe storm. Others screw directly into your roof, posing the potential for future leaks. But LeafX® are designed to integrate with your gutters to ensure a perfect fit and no leaking.

LeafX® comes with a Lifetime Clog-Free Warranty from the manufacturer. Other options may have warranty coverage, but it only comes from the installers.

Other options do not come with the variety of colors that LeafX® offers, leaving homeowners with few choices to match their home’s appearance. Additionally, they’re not as equipped to handle heavy rainfall, which can lead to damaging runoff.

For All Your Gutter Guard Needs In Muncie, IN,
Rely On Clemens Home Solutions

Cleaning the gutters on your Muncie, IN, home is dangerous work. Having a gutter guard system installed by professionals is the most straightforward answer for a long-term solution.

Here at Clemens Home Solutions, we only use the best-performing LeafX® gutter cover system that ensures your home will be protected from damaging rainfall. To guarantee the best possible results, you need to have your gutter guards attached by the best installers in Indiana.

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