Take The Luxury Vacation You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Clemens Customers Get Up To 80% Discounts On Once-In-A-Lifetime Getaways!


“…everyone should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor—for these are gifts from God.”

Eccles. 3:13

We’re the kind of company that LOVES going the extra mile for customers. That’s why we’ve created a unique program that provides our customers with something truly special.

We’ve partnered with Destination Motivation to offer once-in-a-lifetime vacations at up to an 80% discount.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you hire us for your remodeling project, we’ll provide you with a free Vacation Voucher
  • You’ll be able to choose from two Vacation Vouchers: A Cruise Voucher and a Condo Resort Voucher
  • This voucher will save you between 50-80% on your dream trip

Here are more details about your vacation options…

Option #1: Cruise Voucher

Explore exotic destinations and bask in the luxury of a world-class cruise. Traverse the glaciers and mountain towns of Alaska. Tour the Mayan ruins of Belize. Go snorkeling in the warm crystal waters of the Caribbean. And much more. It’s up to you!

Choose from any of the top four luxury cruise lines: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or select sailings on Celebrity Cruises.

  • 3-7 Day Itineraries
  • No Blackout Dates
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 2-Year Booking Window
  • 100% Transferable
  • For 2 People (Can Bring More At Standard Rate)

Option #2: Condo Resort Voucher

Would you rather stay ashore for this next trip? Then an authentic resort located in one of the world’s most beautiful and alluring vacation destinations is a perfect idea.

From lavish and intimate B&B-style getaways to houses that can accommodate large extended families, you’ll have every amenity you need for a glorious adventure.

  • Good For 7-Night Stays
  • 4,500 Resorts To Choose From
  • Destinations In 106 Different Countries
  • No Blackout Dates
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 2-Year Booking Window
  • 100% Transferable
  • For 2 People (Can Bring More At Standard Rate)

Hear From Clemens Customers Who Took Their Dream Vacations

45th Wedding Anniversary

“The house we live in was built back in 1966. It still has the original windows. I have wanted to get new windows for so long. I saw an ad for Clemens Home Solutions on my phone, so I called for an estimate. We know the new windows are going to transform our house. Next year will be our 45th wedding anniversary. When they gifted us a Vacation Voucher, it was great timing. We are very excited to be able to use our Voucher to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you, Clemens, for everything.”

-Esther S.

Family Trip To Hawaii

“I recently reached out to Clemens Home Solutions, as I wanted to get a quote on having new gutters and gutter guards installed. We plan to use the vacation we received to travel to Hawaii with the whole family. It will be me, my husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby. We are beyond excited and want to say thank you to Toby and the whole team at Clemens.”

-Roger & Susan H.

Taking The Kids To Europe

“We were in the market for a roof and gutters. Our good friends had theirs done last summer, and they recommended Clemens Home Solutions. We gave them a call and set up an appointment. When they were at the house giving us a presentation, they mentioned a vacation voucher. Well, that definitely piqued our interest and made the decision to move forward with them that much easier. We were looking to take our kids to Europe in the next year or so. We had an overall great experience and will also recommend them in the future.”

-Stephanie L.

Visiting Son In Florida (Or Going To Hawaii…)

“I am having Clemens Home Solutions put in a new front door and gutters. I was surprised when they offered me a Condo Vacation Voucher, as this was the first time I have received such an incentive from them. It is an awesome deal! I am either going to take the family to visit our son in Florida, or I may want us all to go to Hawaii.”

-Judy S.

A Pleasant Surprise

“We called Clemens Home Solutions to give us an estimate on replacing our entire roof. We liked their presentation, and when they told us about a Condo Vacation Voucher that we would be getting, we thought our consultant was joking. He then explained that it was legit, and we couldn’t have been more EXCITED about it. My wife is at high risk, so our main concern was how long we have to redeem it.  It’s wonderful that we have 2 years to use it. We have had a very stressful year, and this was a great surprise for us. It is very nice of Clemens Home Solutions.”

-Eric W.

A Dream Condo Vacation

“Last year, Clemens Home Solutions replaced our gutters. This year we decided to add leaf guards and change the trim. We wanted to make things easier for us, and since they did a great job the last time, we called them again. This time around, we found out we would be receiving a Vacation Voucher. Due to my husband’s health, we thought it would be better to choose the Condo Voucher. We would use them a 3rd time simply because of the great work they do and for the Vacation Voucher. Clemens Home Solutions is always so helpful and thorough, and we would recommend them to anybody.”

-Kathleen I.

Going To Sarasota, FL In The Winter

“We recently reached out to Clemens Home Solutions, as we were looking to buy some new windows for our home. We met an employee for their company a few weeks ago and he suggested we give them a call. We ended up coming to an agreement when Josh mentioned that with our purchase, we would receive a Condo Vacation Voucher. This was such a good deal! We usually go to Florida every winter, so this will have us covered for next year’s trip to Sarasota. Thank you, Clemens Home Solutions.”

-Catharine D.

Much-Needed Getaway With The Hubby

We heard about Clemens Home Solutions from a friend who also had their roof replaced by them. The project consultant who came out was a real gem. He was so nice and told us exactly what it would cost, how long it would take, and threw in a Condo Vacation with our purchase. It was such a nice thing to do and we are so excited. With everything going on my husband and I haven’t traveled much, so this vacation is much needed. Thank you, Clemens Home Solutions for this great gift.”

-Susie H.

Vacation Voucher Makes An Amazing Gift

“I was in need of a new roof for my home, so I called Clemens Home Solutions. They are well known, and I heard that they do a wonderful job. They gave an excellent presentation and also included a Condo Voucher with my purchase. The voucher was the best part—I gave it to my son and his wife to use. They are so excited about it. Clemens did a great job on our new roof and we are so happy to have been able to bless our kids with this vacation. Thank you, Clemens Home Solutions.”

-Pamela G.

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