A Contractor With Over 1000 Reviews And 5 Stars

Mar 26, 2024

Best contractor reviews in Muncie By Clemens Home Solutions

Over 1000 Reviews And Still 5-Stars? There
Must Be Something In Muncie’s Water

99% Of People Read Reviews Before Buying
But We Have A Novel To Get Through

Are you on the search for home remodeling in Muncie? Doing research is the number one way to find the best contractors in your area. One of the ways you’re likely conducting research is by looking at customer reviews.

These days, 4 to 5-star reviews aren’t all that rare, but people are much more likely to trust them if there are at least 100 reviews.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we have over 1,000 collective reviews. That doesn’t mean as much until you see that we’re also keeping up a 5-star rating.

But how does this all come to be? And why does it even matter? Because our reviews aren’t copied and pasted formalities our customers feel obligated to leave.

Our reviews mean something.

Our First Google Review – That Sums It Up, John

When you have a lot of reviews, the meaning and impact of each tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Though we do have over 1,000 reviews on the internet, our first Google review is one we’ll always remember.

“Great company. You can tell they love what they do.” – John A.

That’s all there is to it. We love what we do. That’s saying a lot, considering we went by Clemens Seamless Guttering at the time, and gutters were our specialty.

Are we still passionate about gutters? Yes, we are. The difference is that now we’re passionate about windows, doors, roofing, and siding too.

Our Google reviews speak a lot about our passion, but it’s not just Google.

Even Angi Loves Us

Google is our biggest supporter when it comes to reviews, but it’s not the only place we’ve racked up stellar feedback.

We have reviews on Home Advisor, Facebook, and Angi. We don’t funnel our reviews into one place or close down pages on other review sites so we can filter them.

We let it all through; wherever anyone wants to leave us a review, they can. This is the same philosophy as our zero-pressure approach.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we believe in transparency and genuine connections.

Genuine, Heartfelt Reviews

Let’s face it: there are fake reviews out there. In fact, around 90% of consumers are at least a little suspicious that good reviews are fake.

Let us let you in on a little hack to separate fact from fiction.

Fake reviews are full of generic phrases or product mentions without anything about the service. They also have a severe lack of images.

Our reviews tell stories about locals whom we helped find solutions to their nagging problems. Take one look through the reviews, and you’ll see terms like “very kind and respectful” and “integrity, workmanship, trusting, dependable communication.”

These warm words are backed up with stories about practical solutions and results, often with photos for proof.

Our balance of good character and good workmanship is why people tend to come back to us for their next project.

70% Of Our Business Comes From
Return Customers Or Referrals

A company that has an array of services but no repeat customers is not a great sign.

Only 30% of our customers are new, without a connection to our past customers. That doesn’t mean we don’t have many new customers. It means that most of our customers become part of the Clemens family.

Why is that?

Because people love coming back to us for their roof replacement after they see how well their siding holds up. They are excited to talk to us again because they know that we’ll always ensure they are our top priority.

We even had a former employee hire us to replace his roof. That one was fun!

But why would a former employee feel so comfortable hiring us? Because he knows we get things done – and done right.

How Do We Do It?

Were we born naturally skilled at home remodeling? Not exactly. Some of the people we hire have no experience and no natural skills. We teach them our values, to have integrity, and to pay attention to every detail via our training center.

Mr. Clemens’ motto is, “Love God, love people, and do your best in everything you do.” If you can accomplish that, everything else will fall into place.

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